Cobb Libraries Go Wild West for Funds

With government support cut back, the Cobb Library Foundation steps in with innovative fundraisers such as this weekend's Wild West Fest.

The Cobb Library Foundation knows that with funding cuts, it is going to take creative vision to help support one of our community's best programs.

have helped to raise generations of scholars and other creative types and it is going to take some outside assistance to keep community programs up and running in the system.

The CLF was put together in 2003 as a nonprofit to help support the Cobb libraries through fundraising. The group is led by a board of directors with the vision to support the libraries and education in general. With the hard work of the Foundation, local musicians, reenactors, vendors, local polititians, local families, and collectors as well as authors and many others came together to support a wonderful cause.

The next fundraiser will be part of the “Booked for Lunch” series:

  • Joshilyn Jackson, July 29.
  • Jeffrey Stepakoff, Aug. 24.
  • Mary Kay Andrews, Sept. 30.
  • John Grady Burns, Nov. 17.

Please click here for times and locations.


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