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Fit for a Queen on 'Real Women/Real Sexy'

The eco-friendly Marietta Square store was featured on the web series "Real Women/Real Sexy" with Angel Maynard.

The eco-friendly store was featured on the web series Real Women/Real Sexy with Angel Maynard. Maynard and her friends explored the store, chatted with shoppers and got to know .

"We're all about sustainable goods," Johnson said. "We're the ultimate eco-friendly store. We're not buying from China, and anything we have in here from China is because a store went out of business and we're reselling. We refuse to add to the carbon footprint."

The fashions at Fit for a Queen range from a "casual workday kind of thing to trendy retro to elegant," Johnson said. 

Real Women/Real Sexy is a "show about women being friends and lifting each other up and having a good time," Maynard said. "There's not a lot marketed toward women ages 30 and up. They chalk you up, but you're still viable and lively so we say, 'Hell with that!'"

Real Women, Real Sexy features Atlanta businesses and attractions. Maynard has done shows with boxers, botox, restaurants, a hair dresser, anything fun for her and her girls. "This show really empowers women to be sexy and be real. You forget about yourself sometimes, but this show says you're still sexy, you're still a diva."

The show, which has been running for about a year, takes audiences to places that "have something different about them," Maynard said, "just like Fit for a Queen."

"The deals, the uniqueness, the quality, the Gucci. It's big name brands for great prices," Sandy Gordan-Kandel, who has been shopping at Fit for a Queen for almost 10 years, said of the store.

"It's a very friendly store, and you feel like you get a good price," Gordan-Kandel said. "The more you shop here the better deal you'll get."

"It's unique stuff, one of a kind," Grace, who has been shopping at the store for six years, said. "It's stuff you don't find anywhere else, and it's forever changing."

Fit for a Queen is the single biggest retailer on the Square, Johnson said. 

Classic toys and collectibles, holiday items, fine jewelry, wedding gowns, vintage clothes, glass, furs, factice perfume bottles, signs, furniture, books, locally made items including hats and ornaments, movie props, "you just never know what they're going to have," long-time shopper Brooklyn said.

Maynard chose Fit for a Queen for her show because it's a "cheery, eclectic place off the beaten path and not quite mainstream." 

"You can spend hours just looking around, and they will always help you until you find the right thing," shopper Mikki Betker said. 

"We love owners who have a good time and this is perfect for us on the Square and really a good place to come have a good time with friends," Maynard said.

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Angel Vaughn Maynard May 09, 2012 at 12:55 PM
Thanks Melissa! It was great meeting you during the interview!


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