Hickory Hills Park Breaks Ground

Marietta is spending $1.43 million on the upgrades.

has broken ground on some changes to give nearby residents a place to get outside while enjoying fellowship and activity within their community.

Two youth soccer fields, tennis courts, a playground, walking trails, picnic pavilions and an underground filtration detention pond will update the 10.6-acre park.

The Marietta city government budgeted $1.75 million for the construction of the park from SPLOST funds, and the bid came in at $1.43 million from CRS Alpharetta.

The $25 million SPLOST bond was increased by $1.5 million after it was sold to an investor, which meant Marietta City Parks had additional money to put toward the 20 city parks.

Other recent renovations at the city's 20-park system include:

  • A fenced dog park was built at , and unhealthy trees were removed to make the park more open and safe.
  • Shade structures were added over the playground at Lewis and at Whitaker.
  • had the two silted lakes dredged and structural issues rebuilt with spillways from both lakes. The lakes are now filling back up with ducks, geese and turtles. Many large fish were moved or eaten during the process. The project is 80 percent complete.
  • Aviation Park received an upgrade and was leased to defray costs and create revenue for future upgrades. Laurel Park Tennis Center is also a leased facility.
  • Elizabeth Porter Recreation Center will recieve a $3.75 million upgrade.
  • will get a $1.1 million renovation.
  • A 13-acre apartment complex on Franklin Road was purchased for $2.7 million, and the land will be used for a park.
  • More money was set aside for land acquisition for parks.


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