No Deportation for Jesus

Jesus Cruz, an undocumented Pebblebrook grad, will get to stay in the U.S.

Jesus Cruz, an undocumented Pebblebrook graduate, can breathe a little easier now. He is no longer threatened by deportation, thanks mostly to an announcement from President Barack Obama in June.

which would allow illegal immigrants without criminal records but with high school diplomas or military service records to remain in the U.S.

Cruz, who is DREAM Act-eligible,  was facing deportation because Cobb County Police arrested him in August 2011 for driving without a license, which he cannot obtain in Georgia as an undocumented resident.

In May, a judge granted Cruz his second two-month extension, and his deportation hearing would have been Monday.

"The policy shifted a little bit down here," said Julio Moreno, Cruz's attorney. Moreno works at The Fogle Law Firm, which specializes in immigration issues.

Moreno said he received a call from Chief Counsel Greg Radics who said he reviewed the case and changed his decision, in light of Obama's recent announcement.

Last week, the judge terminated future proceedings so that Cruz no longer faces deportation, and he plans to get a work permit next week, Moreno said.

Now, Moreno can at least get a driver's license. Although, Moreno said he still faces obstacles. For instance, under Georgia's new law, Cruz is barred from attending any public Georgia college or university.

Moreno said Obama's recent executive order is "not a cure-all."

"But I think it's a step in the right direction, something that can put him (Cruz) on the pathway to permanent residency and ultimately, citizenship," Moreno said.

S Bailey July 20, 2012 at 07:01 AM
Either we are a nation of laws or we are a nation without borders. One cannot sustain an existence if there are no rules, no law, no restrictions. If one starts to ignore established laws, even one law, then there is no depth to which that person will dive in order to justify the ignoring or breaking of any law. If we are a nation without borders, then we are no nation at all. No nation, across the face of this planet, can endure a constant onslaught of immigrants (legal or illegal). The fact is that any nation would soon overflow it's borders, destroy it's infrastructure, crush itself in utter poverty in order to give everything to everyone that occupies the nation. Children of Illegal Aliens are just as illegally here as their parents. I find it strange that people will go to bat for those Illegals when there are plenty of children legally here that need as much (if not more) help. One can only marvel at the type of mentality that chooses Illegals over Legals. SB
Richard "the Equalizer" Pellegrino July 21, 2012 at 06:25 PM
S Bailey: I don't know why your comments in this regard are allowed here because they are personal attacks labeling human beings with a dehumanizing terms for as I said if they are "illegals" then you and I are "illegal". Plain and simple, because I am sure that you have broken laws as has everyone. Also, please do not distort the debate...no one is advocating for an abandonment of laws as we are actually advocating for a package of new and reformed laws called Comprehensive Immigration Reform, but the fact is that you and I and every American conspired to break the past laws and looked the other way to invite 12 million people here to basically do our dirty work and work that no one else would do so not that they and we have done that it is un-American, in-human, un-Christian and just plain wrong to try to deny that, blame them, and turn our backs on them and try to get rid of them. I am sorry, been there, done that, with the Blacks after slavery and with Jim Crow...time to grow up and learn from our mistakes.
S Bailey July 21, 2012 at 07:52 PM
I don't know why YOUR comments are allowed to remain, because YOU'VE labelled nearly each post to a specific person, which is a TOS Violation. But I must assume that your comments reflect those of the Editor & so they are allowed to remain. Perhaps you should look up the words Legal & Illegal, before accusing me or anyone else as being Illegal. Breaking a law & ignoring a law intentionally are two different animals. Further encouraging others is an act of treason when it deals with foreign nationals that cross our borders without permission. These Foreign Nationals are nothing less than Invaders (regardless of their reason for Illegally crossing the border). Clearly, you know nothing about me. I did not support the Shamnesty that was allowed under President Reagan. I recognized that allowing millions of invaders (illegals) would encourage more to come, & that was absolutely true. I've watched neighborhood after neighborhood become barrios in Georgia. I've talked with many others who've seen the exact same thing across this country. BTW, I am NOT AGAINST LEGAL IMMIGRATION, in fact, I'm much in favor of it. I do not believe the National Laws need to be change, but rather, the current laws need to be enforced. The first step in draining a swamp is to use your bucket to fill the water bucket. I guess you are just guilty from owning slaves...huh ? I never have, never will, so I don't share that guilt. SB
Kiri Walton July 21, 2012 at 08:00 PM
This is an open public forum. Unless someone is violating the terms of use or personally attacking someone, their comments can remain here. They are not remaining because they "reflect those of the editor." Everyone's comments here remain because we don't censor people at Patch. Believe me, there are many, many comments I do not agree with on this site, but this is an objective publication and one that encourages (hopefully productive) conversation.
S Bailey July 22, 2012 at 04:29 AM
It's okay Mz Walton, I understand... I also know that South Cobb is a bastion of Democratic Thinking People while Conservatives are in a Minority. Many do not share all my beliefs & principles, but certainly most do. I do believe in self-sufficiency, self-reliance & self-accountability. I've always held to the adage, "The only thing that allows evil to succeed is for men of good conscience to do nothing!" It is a rule I live by, thus I will continue to speak out against the evil intentions I see posted in the Patch as well as many other places. SB PS - I actually meant no slight against you, I chose my words poorly.


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