Paper or Plastic; Recycling in Marietta

Marietta encourages residents to dispose of lawn and leaf clippings in paper bags. Take a look at where you can dispose of old motor oil, plastic, steel, phones, carpet padding, tires and more.

Paper or Plastic? How do you dispose of your lawn and leaf clippings?

The encourages residents to use brown paper or biodegradable bags for lawn and leaf clippings to reduce the amount of trash entering landfills.

When people put their yard trimmings in plastic bags for the city to pick up, workers have to cut the bags open and empty the contents to be taken to the vegetative waste site. The plastic bags, which aren't biodegradable, are then thrown in the trash for the landfill.

Cobb County Solid Waste Recycling

Aluminum Cans, Glass, Plastic Containers, Steel and Other Metal Cans and Paper Products can be dropped off at no charge at the Smurfit Stone Recycling Center, 1775 County Services Pkwy. Call 404-704-8002 or 678-403-3900 for more information.

Aluminum Scrap, Antifreeze, Carpet Padding, Construction Debris, Electronics (visit solidwaste.cobbcountyga.gov for a list of items accepted), Used Motor Oil, Refrigerators and Freon Containing Appliances and Tires may be disposed for a fee at the Advanced Disposal Transfer Station, 1897 County Services Pkwy. Call 770-485-8940 for information.

Cell phones, pagers, chargers and rechargeable batters are accepted at the Transfer Station. 

Landscaping Debris may be disposed of for a fee at the TAG Grinding Services Vegetative Waste Recovery site, 2150 County Services Pkwy. Call 770-432-7193 for more information.


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