Southern Fried Chicken and Milk Gravy

We've raided Grandmother Sylvia's kitchen for this no-nonsense recipe.

The words “southern hospitality” bring to mind many pictures of smiling faces and lilting drawls. But the center of any southern home is the kitchen, where the meals prepared are more than just food.

Southern recipes are a legacy of hometown memories, cool summer evenings and cozy winter mornings. Somehow grandmother’s kitchen doesn’t just feed the body, it nourishes the soul.

So allow me to share some of my family’s oldest and best loved southern recipes. 

Perhaps it’s best to start with my Grandmother Sylvia’s Famous Fried Chicken and Milk Gravy.

Fried Chicken:


Family pack of boneless, skinless chicken breast, butterflied

1 cup flour

¼ cup olive oil or vegetable oil


Pour oil into skillet and heat on high for 5 minutes

Rinse chicken and butterfly breasts into tenders

Coat tenders liberally with flour

Place chicken in skillet of hot oil, turning often until brown and crispy

Serve up with rice, seasoned green beans and savory milk gravy, makes about 4 servings  

Milk Gravy:


1 heaping tablespoon of flour

¼ cup boiling water

½ cup milk


Mix boiling water and flour in measuring cup, stir until clumps are gone.

Pour excess grease from skillet, leave any remaining fried chicken crisps

Pour flour and water mixture into skillet over medium heat

Stir with small whisk until browned.

Pour in milk and stir well with whisk

Add milk until desired consistency is reached


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