What is Your Christmas Tree Story?

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Do you know the story behind the first Christmas Tree?

According to Christmas-Tree.com, it really is rooted in Christianity. The legend is that the Christmas Tree tradition began in Germany almost 1,000 ago when St. Boniface, a Christian convert, supposedly got angry after seeing some pagans worshipping an oak tree. He chopped the oak tree down in anger, only to find a young fir tree sprout up in its place. He is reported to have taken the fir tree as a sign of the Christian faith. Later, by the 16th Century, the Christmas Tree was brought inside as a symbol of the Christmas season.

Better Home and Garden Magazine has several 2012 themed suggestions for those who want to get creative with their Christmas Tree this year. The article includes tips for decorating trees to suit your decor as well as lighting suggestions to bring out the best in your design.

Many people have personal Christmas Tree stories - a reason why they decorate their tree the way they do. Sometimes it is just decor - what best matches the rest of the furniture in the room. Other times, it's got something more to do with the sentimental value of the ornaments that adorn the tree - maybe gifts from children and grandchildren.

And then something there is a very personal Christmas Tree story. That's how it is for me. I always have angels on my tree – only angels. My mother had a heart attack on Christmas Eve 1998 and never made it past Jan. 5, 1999. She truly was an angel when she was here, so ever since that first Christmas that she wasn't around I only ever have angels on my Christmas Tree. The angels are in memory of the special angel in my life - my mother.

I don’t have a tree up yet this year, but the one in the picture is one I found at Davis Street Antiques in Monroe. It is similar in design, including the colors, of my usual angel Christmas Tree.

So what is your Christmas Tree story? Do you have the same theme or a different theme every year? Upload your special designer Christmas Tree photo here so we can feature it on Patch.

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