Kevin Bacon Visits Marietta Square

The Superior Courthouse was the setting for a trial in Fox's untitled Kevin Williamson thriller project Tuesday night.

Update 12 p.m.

If you are sulking over your missed chance at spotting the filming of the untitled pilot starring Kevin Bacon, take a drive to Smyrna. The pilot is filming around the East-West Connector and Highlands Parkway in Smyrna on Wednesday. Base camp is at the East-West Connector and Hicks Road, On Location Vacations reports.

Original Report

Stop. Catch your breath. Whip your head over your shoulder.

Golly gee whiz, it's Kevin Bacon walking a dog up Polk Street and onto Church Street, heading toward Marietta Square on Tuesday night.

The actor made a rather stealthy entry into town, with most online reports stating that he would be filming the pilot to his untitled television project in Atlanta.

The untitled Fox thriller is about a "complex relationship between diabolical serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) and the damaged FBI profiler, Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon), who once took him down," TV Guide and Yahoo report.

Filming was done in the throughout the night. The police uniforms had "Richmond, Virginia" patches on their sleeves.

Within the show, Carroll escapes. Within a couple of minutes of the pilot, police arrive at the home of Sarah, a former victim of Carroll, to make sure she is safe. A flashback of Carroll's trial in which Sarah describes her attack is intercut with this scene. Enter the courthouse in Marietta.

"You stated a noise took Professor Carroll's attention," an attorney says.

"We heard someone coming. He turned toward the stairs. That's when I reached for the knife," Sarah answers, a knife which she later tells the court was still inside of her at that point and she pushed deeper into her stomach after a failed attempt to remove it. "I just wanted it to be over," she says.

was base camp for the production, which included about 150 extras and Kevin Bacon. Extras included public witnesses, friends and families of Carroll's victims, attorneys, bailiffs and other uniformed officials.

Bacon's character Hardy is reactivated and tasked with hunting Carroll down. However, Hardy is no longer hunting one man, but a cult of serial killers, TV Guide and Yahoo say.

@kevinbacon tweeted a comment and photo Tuesday night around 8 p.m.: Back in #Hotlanta first night on series that is still untitled. Very excited http://say.ly/gOJ1zzm

Kevin Williamson will write and executive-produce the project.

Natalie Zea, Nico Tortorella, Jeananne Goossen, Shawn Ashmore, Adan Canto and Valorie Curry will also star, TV Guide says.

More Filming in Marietta

Scenes for the film as well as Disney's were shot in and around Marietta Square last year.

Take a look . The film .

and of Neighborhood Watch, which will come out July 27. .


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