Marietta Ghosts to Be Featured on 'Haunted Towns of America'

With an estimated 700 ghosts in and around Marietta Square, it is not surprising that Marietta will be featured on the upcoming television series "Haunted Towns of America."

In recent months, Marietta artists and business owners have moved into the spotlight and gained national attention on shows such as , , , and . Now Marietta's ghosts are finding their way onto television. 

Marietta is scheduled to be among the towns featured on the upcoming series Haunted Towns of America. The show will begin shooting in Columbus next month and air in September.

The , , , Glover Park, the , and are just a few of the haunted spots in Marietta. There are around 700 ghosts in and around Marietta Square, according to paranormal researcher Chuck Volner.

Do you believe in ghosts? Share your stories of the Marietta paranormal with us in the comments below.

, a paranormal researcher for over 30 years and founder and director of Southern Paranormal Examinations And Research, Inc., S.P.E.A.R., which is based in Marietta, has agreed to appear two times in each episode of the series.

Volner will introduce the episodes and at the end of the show "explain his take on the evidence and stories." Volner will also be key in deciding what stories and towns make it onto the show.

In each episode, five ghost stories will be presented by people that have had an experience, but "there must be evidence supporting that experience," Volner said.

"It is to be an informational, educational video documentary, designed to make people aware of what they might be dealing with if they encounter some sort of entity."

The show will not be like the ghost shows currently airing, according to Volner. "There are none that approach the paranormal in this way," Volner explained. "We're trying to bring these stories to a serious point; it's not a game.

"Many of the shows out there are long periods of boredom interspersed with frequent or infrequent spurts of frantic activity."

The TV series will not be another "ghost-hunter" show. It will be about serious researchers seeking the truth with evidence uncovered by state-of-the-art scientific equipment and methodology, Volner said.

Haunted Towns of America has been picked up by "a major cable network," Volner said.

Check back to learn more about Chuck Volner, S.P.E.A.R., and the ghosts of Marietta!

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