New Theater Company Comes Out of Box in Marietta

Out of Box Theatre will kick off their inaugural season with Talking With... by Jane Martin, which opens March 9 at the Artisan Resource Center in Marietta.

One of the biggest problems facing many theaters is the cost of either owning or leasing a space on a regular basis, according to Carolyn Choe, founder and artistic director of Out of Box Theatre. Combine that with the decline of audiences during tough financial times and you find many theaters closing their doors.

The concept for Out of Box Theatre began there. The theater seeks out alternative-use spaces and creates a production that fits that space.

Beyond the “box,” the theater seeks to work cooperatively with other groups, organizations and people to expand the types and size of productions created. There is a tremendous pool of talent in the Atlanta area that includes theatre, film, photography, improv, dance and multi-media uses, Choe said. By working together, they are able to take advantage of the individual strengths to create a dynamic experience for the audience. They call it the “Out of Box” Experience.

Choe has been involved in theater for over 35 years; her experience runs the gamut from collegiate, community and professional theater. She has worked with many different theaters, including producing several productions independently. Choe and her productions have been nominated for several Metro Atlanta Theatre Awards, and she has been featured many times on “Best of” Lists in Atlanta Theatre for both her acting and directing. She has also worked as both Managing Director and Marketing Director at local community theaters.

“Out of Box Theatre seeks to change the way audiences think of 'going to the theatre.' Whenever and wherever you find us, you will always see an excellent professional production put together by a host of talented and dedicated people," Choe explained.

Out of Box Theatre will kick off their inaugural season with Talking With... by Jane Martin, which opens March 9 at The Artisan Resource Center in Marietta.


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