NU M-MAGE Brings Smooth, Upbeat Music

Three Marietta siblings present R&B, pop, rap, gospel, Broadway and classical music in a fresh, positive way.

NU M-MAGE. The name says it all. From their styling threads to their exuberant and soulful voices and engaging presentation, this band of Marietta siblings has an original act.

Aisha, Mori and Nikkei Bryant formed NU M-MAGE about eight months ago, bringing together their passion, innovation, years of experience and love for R&B, pop, rap, gospel, Broadway and classical music.

"It's different, it's unique," Aisha said. "Brothers and sisters rarely get together to form a group, and we wanted to put something out there that's fresh and new."

Each member of the Bryant trio has been involved in the entertainment industry for the better part of their life and graduated from Pebblebrook Performing Arts High School.

Band leader Mori, who is also involved in acting, modeling, rapping, choreography and design, began performing when he was nine years old.

Aisha was three years old and Nikkei was eight years old when they began performing. Nikkei graduated from Pebblebrook with a major in Vocal and minor in Drama, and Aisha has finished her second year of college at Middle Georgia College, majoring in Communication with a minor in Musical Theatre. Both girls are interested in and pursuing acting, modeling and singing.

"They were all doing so manny different things, and they really wanted to do something different," father and manager Nate Bryant said. "They wanted a new image, and that's reflected in everything they do. Even the name NU M-MAGE, you won't find it like that anywhere else."

NU M-MAGE has a strong and moving goal to go along with their upbeat and entertaining personalities. They want their music to help people be positive.

Their biggest hit Life Goes On is a prime example of this, the trio agrees.

"People want to hear stuff like that these days," Aisha said. "A lot of the music of our generation is negative, and people need to hear something positive out there."

"It's very smooth and relaxing," Mori said of the music. "It's something you can really ride to, just cruise down the street in your car and get into."

Mori, who is the primary writer of the group's music, said songs just come to him. "I think about how things are going in the world, how people struggle and make it fit into a song and give back a positive message."

"I love the reaction we get when we preform in front of people," Nikkei added. "They respond to it, get into it and that means we're doing something right. We want to touch people with our music."

Nikkei said that she has decided to major in interior design; however, "I'm always going to sing, act and dance," she added. Aisha said she is more passionate about acting and would like to stay in that field, perhaps going into public relations in the film industry.

As for Mori, he said, "I plan on doing it all. Whatever door opens, I'm gonna take it. I want to do everything."

Mori started working on a business designing ties, gloves and vests when he was 16. "Pictures just come to my head, and I wake up and I just have to do it," he said.

Mori said his style is, "Professional slash my generation. I want to show the older generation my professional side but at the same time reach my age group. It's still hip hop but a conservative hip hop."

All three started performing at a young age when they entered a talent show in Illinois and won the competition.

"Our mom and dad pushed us to continue because they saw that we had that gift, and they didn't want us to waste that talent," Aisha said.

In addition to school, pursuing careers in acting, design, singing, choreography and communications, and an average of two shows a month, Aisha, Nikkei and Mori have part-time jobs.

NU M-MAGE intends to release a single around April and an album sometime late next year, which will have around 10 songs. "But we're taking it one step at a time," Aisha said.


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