Find Marietta’s Lowest Gas Prices

With fuel expected to get more costly in the wake of Hurricane Isaac, turn to Patch for the cheapest place to fill up.

As Hurricane Isaac flies across the U.S., Cobb residents could see some of the storm’s effects here the next time they fill up at the gas station.

Isaac made landfall in southeast Louisiana Tuesday night as a Category 1 hurricane. Experts expect the storm to pass west of New Orleans and head toward Baton Rouge, gradually weakening. But more than 100,000 homes and businesses had lost power in the wake of Isaac as of late Tuesday.

Though the storm is not going through Georgia, it might have some impact on residents of the Peach State. Metro Atlanta area convenience stores saw their gas prices increase by 15 cents a gallon Tuesday, with many passing the added expense to their fuel customers, WSB-TV reported.

Prices could continue rise as Isaac continues on its path and while another factor comes into play: Drivers hitting the road for Labor Day weekend could push up demand, giving the market another reason to raise prices.

Cobb drivers looking to save at the pump this week or at any time can visit Marietta Patch’s Commute page to find the best area gas prices.

The Commute page also allows users to get a live look at traffic maps for all metro Atlanta roads.

Pam J September 01, 2012 at 08:03 PM
I know that it was an anomaly, but the gas at the QT on the E-W Connector at Floyd Road was $3.37 on Monday or Tuesday, and by Thursday it was $3.94. The price jump at the stations that had gone up to $3.74 already didn't seem so bad, but from $3.37 to $3.94 seemed completely out of line! But the $3.37 was nice while it lasted.


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