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Georgia’s Unemployment Rate Unchanged at 7 Percent in April

Georgia’s jobless rate remained unchanged last month following nine consecutive months of decline.

Georgia’s jobless rate remained unchanged last month following nine consecutive months of decline. Credit: Patch file
Georgia’s jobless rate remained unchanged last month following nine consecutive months of decline. Credit: Patch file
The Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) announced Thursday that Georgia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for April was 7.0 percent, unchanged from March.

Georgia’s jobless rate remained unchanged last month following nine consecutive months of decline. 

And while the rate was significantly lower than in April a year ago when it was 8.3 percent, the state's unemployment rate continues to lag behind the national rate, currently at 6.3 percent.

“We had very strong job growth in April, as our employers created 41,300 new jobs, which is the largest March to April increase since 2005,” said State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler in a news release. “And, to make things even better, more jobseekers are entering the labor force and getting hired. This is a stark contrast to what we’re seeing nationally with hundreds of thousands of people leaving the labor force.”

The U.S. Department of Labor announced last week that 806,000 people left the nation’s work force in April.

The number of jobs in Georgia increased to 4,107,800 in April, up 1.0 percent from 4,066,500 in March. Most of the job gains came in leisure and hospitality, 16,700; professional and business services, 10,900; trade, transportation and warehousing, 5,600; construction, 2,600; government, 2,200; and education and health services, 2,000. Manufacturing lost 400 jobs, due largely to temporary layoffs in poultry processing in Southwest Georgia.

Over the year, the number of jobs increased by 75,700, or 1.9 percent, from 4,032,100 jobs in April 2013. The big job gainers were professional and business services, 22,300; trade, transportation and warehousing, 20,200; leisure and hospitality, 18,500; construction, 9,600; education and health services, 6,500; manufacturing, 5,400; financial services, 2,200; and other services, 1,200. Government lost 10,200 jobs.

Georgia’s labor force increased from March to April by 11,216 to 4,767,879. This was the fourth consecutive month the labor force has increased.

There were 33,561 new claims for unemployment insurance filed in April, an increase of 2,747, or 8.9 percent, from 30,814 in March. Most of the increase in claims came in administrative and support services, 1,373, and manufacturing, 814.

Over the year, however, initial claims were down by 21.3 percent. There were 9,083 fewer claims filed than the 42,644 in April 2013. Most of the decline over the year came in trade, transportation, and warehousing, 1,972; administrative and support services, 1,506; accommodations and food services, 1,323; construction, 703; and health care and social assistance, 589.
Brian May 17, 2014 at 11:44 PM
Octo, the official number has always traditionally been U3, regardless of whether a republican or democrat is in the house. You have to compare historically using the same numbers. It's also the only number that's known to be exact. Everyone with half a brain knows that U4, U5, U6 follow on U3. So if U3 is trending up, U6 will be too. If U3 is trending down, U6 will be too. Only uneducated knuckle dragging apes make this into a republican vs democrat thing, and act like U1,2,3,4,5,6 is some new revelation that everyone with a reasonable IQ didn't know already, or that it's some conspiracy. Anyway, if a republican gets elected for president, we're doomed. The republicans and Bush caused the recession and undid the Clinton surplus with their careless de-regulation of banks, incessant war spending, etc. And you'll overturn Obamacare, which is a success even though it needs some improvements. My father is a doctor, unemployed currently because there's a surplus of radiologists, was turned down for hypertension before the "no pre-existing conditions" rule kicked in, and was at huge risk of losing his nest-egg because he couldn't get insurance. Until Obamacare solved that. Hillary Clinton is the only one that would be a decent president.


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