Teacher of the Latino Class at Pebblebrook High school
Teacher of the Latino Class at Pebblebrook High school
When Mary Ward Cater ran as the first Black person to the State House of Representative in 1986 and again in 1988 it was a different community before redistricting.  

Today South Cobb County is many nations under God.  We must represent all the people.  In past weeks Mary has visited the Latino adult community classes at Pebblebrook High School.  she spoke to the class of voters registration, she believe 18 year old and older should register to vote.

While visiting the IGBO community who are 10,000 growing in Georgia.  The group Union Hall located in Mableton, GA was encouraged to support in the elections.  They welcomed Mary with to the organization.

We also visited the Latino seminar answering questions on immigration at the Mableton Church.

It has been a learning experience learning the social groups and different nationality.

As an independent Mary can work across the board with both parties and serve the community.

Visit Mary Ward Cater at electmarywardcater.weebly.com


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