Education: Coding 4 Kids, Book Clubs, SAT Prep and more!!!

Advantage Learning Coop offers unique educational programs of study for students in grades K-12.  We are a center dedicated to educational change, awareness and exceptional programs of study. http://www.advantagelearningcoop.com/

We are currently enrolling students for January classes in:

  • Computer Coding (Grades 2 - 8)                                     
  • App Development (Grades 6 - 8)                       
  • Ultimate CRCT Prep Camps for Grades 3 - 6                     
  • Bean Bag Book Club (ages 10-11)                                     
  • FREE SAT Practice Exams                                                    
  • Ultimate SAT 12-Hour Prep Course                                    
  • Last Minute 3-Hour SAT Prep                                    
  • Academic Tutoring & Enrichment (Grades K-12)   
  • Knowledge Based Adaptive Assessments (Grades K-7)                             

We believe all children should have opportunities for academic enrichment which involves 21st century learning programs such as: computer science, entrepreneur mentoring programs, computer clubs for girls and boys, robotics, book club discussions, creative and business writing and more. Often these courses are only found during summer camps at major colleges and universities and they come with a high price-tag for parents who want to give their children high-level extended opportunities in education. 

We offer a more personalized educational experience for our students in a creative and relaxed environment.

Denise Detamore is the Founder/Director of Advantage Learning Cooperative Educational Center. 

 A Center Dedicated to Educational Change, Awareness and Exceptional Programs of Study.



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