Special Beginner Spanish Demo Lesson

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 2501 E Piedmont Rd Marietta GA 30062  See map

Invest in yourself! Enjoy this demo class to see if speaking Spanish is something you are ready to enjoy!

What to expect:

1. First 15 minutes I will introduce myself, go over the rules and remind you that you already have what it takes to learn Spanish! I will explain why many fail and what is needed to succeed.

2. Rules of pronunciation will be learned, practiced and drilled in class- I will only be speaking Spanish during this time.

3.Vowel exercise, Spanish numbers 1-10 ( as a side effect)

4. number drills, using fake currency and auditory drill to develop ear training with vowels and numbers.

5. Spanish reading system will be taught and/or Spanish greetings
( depending on the level of most in class)

6. Spanish "speed dating" lol- you will meet and greet all in class, every single one- don't worry its just to practice your Spanish :) no dating required!

7. Felicitaciones- Congrats on a job well done... I will go over a few tips and answer questions in English!



Who should come? anyone that is a beginner to Spanish or an experienced Spanish student that feels like a complete beginner.

This event is primarily for beginners advanced students are welcome to join in Salsa night or other fun events!

Most importantly, all with a good attitude! Being able to speak to people in any language is not as important as the energy you use when speaking to them! A confident and calm exterior is imperative- I promise no one cares if you mess up! What people care about is that you look and feel good about it!

I am excited about this lesson and look forward to being of service to all that wish to get started on this exciting and very rewarding journey!

Email me at dalilia27@aol.com if you have any questions!

This special lesson is brought to you courtesy of Spanish in Atlanta- normally these types of lessons cost more than $28 per person therefore take advantage of this opportunity to get your Spanish on and see if you are ready to become bi-lingual!




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