Giving Thanks: It's the Thought That Counts Not the Calories

It’s the Holiday Preamble, a preface to the pudge, a prologue to the pounds. A list of the things in addition to the giblet gravy, glazed turkey and sticky sweet sin pudding, which make me grateful.

It’s the Holiday Preamble, a preface to the pudge, a prologue to the pounds. As much as I hate to admit it, I sometimes have big plans but fail to execute, overwhelmed by steps, planning, and most certainly, timing. So that one year when I'd spent days composing a menu fit for kings, that's all there was: intention. Imagination. A mailed menu, my gesture. And somehow it was enough. Enough for me, enough for us all. I don't remember the details of what or where we ate, but I know we were all together. And this Thanksgiving, so many years later, more wrinkles later, a bigger jean size later, a new job later, new friends later, I'm thankful for the memories I'm able to hold, thankful for imagination without limits, and so thankful that I'm able to realize that trying, thought, and intention will always be enough for me.

And so in the spirit of intentions, I’m making it a point to create a list of the things in addition to the giblet gravy, cider-glazed turkey and sticky sweet sin pudding, which make me grateful. Grateful for the things both big and small.

I am grateful for my health, for knowing what my gifts are, for the friendships that feel like family, for my cat's pink belly, for Egyptian cotton.

I'm grateful for a penny found on the ground and the minutes left on the meter.

I am grateful for wrap-around porches with rocking chairs and sweet southern tea.

I'm grateful for yesterday's mistakes before I let them go.

I am grateful for Starbucks toffee nut lattes, the wisdom I've gained from my family and lessons learned the hard way.

I'm grateful for canned tomatoes on a cold winter night and for the bulbs dreaming underground.

I am grateful for the clarity I have about the direction of my life, knowing what my passions are, for lace and clean socks.

I am grateful for my true friends, for always making it okay to feel like sweats and flip flops is a night on the town.

I am grateful for radio stations that play all-day, every-day, Christmas music.

I'm grateful for every part of the pumpkin from its toothy smile to its toasted seeds and for the extra leaf needed in the table.

I am grateful for my education, for grilled cheese sandwiches, and for the courage I have to tell someone how I feel.

I am grateful for the beauty I've found in the most lonesome, frightening places, and for having the self awareness to know when to shut up.

I am grateful for being taught I can do anything I set my mind to and for the tooth that didn't need a filling.

I am grateful for Miracle on 34th Street, for second chances, and for the kind of love that’s there win or lose.

I’m grateful for my ability to communicate, for air conditioning and movie theaters.  

I am grateful for lamp-lit snow, and the new friendships I make in yellow summer days.

I am grateful for wine vineyards, the ability to get in my car and drive to a place of whimsy, for free will and for the spatula that flips the egg over easy.

I am grateful for my childhood, for my awkward adolescence, for my now. 

I am grateful for my ability to trust my intuition, for the privileges I was born with and that my father made me a soldier.

I am grateful for those who force me to get up and dance in the face of tragedy.

I'm grateful for the taken-for-granted light in the refrigerator and for strangers who smile at me.  

I am grateful for barefoot beach barbecues, campfires, bug spray, and old friends who can always pick up where we left off.

I'm grateful for the goose that gives up its down.

I am grateful for the kindness of strangers, for my ability to feel emotions so strongly and for the bravery to forgive.

I am grateful for my ability to laugh in the face of tears, to love openly, and to live with kindness as my motivation.  

I am grateful to those who have made room for me in their lives, for pan juices, champagne flutes, and pay checks.

I’m grateful for wrap dresses, pinking shears, and pies cooling on windowsills.

I’m grateful for this day.

Hope you all have a moveable feast and a season of thanks and blessings.

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Zombie Mommy Saves November 23, 2011 at 06:03 AM
I am grateful for laughing children.
Rev. Lionel R. Gantt November 23, 2011 at 08:46 AM
Heather, I thank God for you, in all the ripping and running we do in this Holiday season, we must remember to give thanks. My family gives thanks for all the things we pass through in that year. Some events we give thanks for are so funny. We all laugh so hard till we cry and other events make us cry until we start hugging and laughing all over again. Thanksgiving is that kind of Holiday, when family and friends make everything OK. The dinner table our meeting place, cold ice tea our drink and in no time we are filled with love and busting with joy. You know, I believe if we did not have any Thanks Giving food on the table at all, just beans and corn bread; we are thankful to see another year. Love and Joy mixed with good food and the people you love. Some how God always make a way. One day out the year when we all pray and give thanks for just being here. I thank God for you all this day and the parts you play in making this a great city, a great county, a great state and a grateful Nation. Happy Thanks Giving! Rev Gantt Cobb SCLC
Heather November 25, 2011 at 03:59 AM
I truly hope that both of you (Zombie Mommy Saves and Rev Grantt Cobb) had a beautiful holiday filled with magic and memories along with children's laughter and blessings big and small. Remember it's the nuances, the sidelines where we live our best lives! Cheers to another beautiful year. Heather Boes


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