Pracing Political Peacocks

Fix the child, fix the future.


I write for several weekly papers and their deadlines dictate when my stories
run. This may sometimes give the impression that I’m behind.

exactly is a debate and does it actually have any merit? If you decide who to
vote for by watching this farce, we are in more trouble than I imagined we were,
and I have a powerful imagination backed by a wagon load of facts or more aptly
a wagon load of manure.

particular debate happened to be between Roboma and Obomney. Both were wearing
suits which cost more than most of us make, in any three month period. The
mediator was disrespected, and the rules of engagement were totally ignored.
The questions, asked by Americans, were also passed over. Once a question was
asked the candidates simply used it to segway into whatever point they wants to
make, leaving the original question squirming in the gutter unanswered.

question about gas prices proved both candidates lack of understanding for the
average American’s plight. Obama turned it into an environmental issue and
maybe it is. Romney turned it into one of Obama’s foremost failings, that’s
sort of like blaming the gas rationing of the seventies on him. “The proof is at
the pump.” Romney said. Gas pumps are similar to slot machines, or one armed
bandits. Americans continue to pump in money and pull the handle, but like all
other gambling establishments, the house always wins. Gas pumps are simply
ticker tape ten ninety nine’s for big business, foreign investors and oil

promises not to raise taxes on all his friends in big business. That is a new
concept never used by a politician before, be careful not to step in it. Romney
promises to leave the taxes where they are on the upper class, and drop them on
the middle class. What alternate reality is he living in? You can’t do both of
those things. Does it truly matter? If they raise taxes on the upper class, as
Obama recommends, the upper class then raises the prices of their products and
the middle class pays whatever increase is imposed, in the end. To continue to
say the rich pay over sixty percent of taxes is an insult to our intelligence.
I still believe a flat tax is the only way to go.

know what a strong economy looks like.” Romney said. Where exactly did he see
such an animal and why are we not treating him like all the other people who claim
to have seen Sasquatch, UFO’s, Elvis and the Easter Bunny?

promised to get tough on China. Does that mean, as we’ve been getting tough on
Iraq and Afghanistan? We cannot afford to get tough on China, neither will do
it, and we better hope no one tries it in the future. China is cheating, Romney
said. What, are you sure? Duh huh.

can’t afford another four years.” Romney said. I don’t think we can afford
another four like the eight before. Romney was very sure to point out that he
is no George Bush. Wait, until the debate Georgie was a hero, right? If I were
Junior I would poke out my lips and then shrug and go back to trying to pound
that square peg into the round hole.

candidates turned the question about immigration into one about classes. We
want those who have skills and money to start small businesses, but not those
chasing the American dream we are so proud of.

after gangbangers not students.” Obama said. This was one of the best comments
of the night. Romney’s take on this, seems to be, make the American dream such
a nightmare that these people deport themselves because it will no longer be
desirable to stay here. Where exactly do us poor Americans fit into this and
what happens when our government purposely turns the American dream into a

middle class is being crushed.” Romney said. This might have been the truest
comment, from Romney, of the night.

 The question of gun control was answered by
Romney with the idea of telling people who aren’t married they should not have
babies, I’ve got an abstract mind, but even my mind could not make that trip. I
got terrible news for both; a cheap hand gun and an AK both kill you just as

control is not the answer, we as a society must work together to stop the
violence running rampant across America. Expecting the Government to do it is
about as bright as expecting schools to raise our children. Child abuse,
neglect, and as strange as it may seem, a severe lack of discipline for our
kids, causes much of our violence, Fix the child, fix the future. How’s that
for a political sound bite? No one talked about that, big surprise, they never

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