Do You Support Boy Scouts of America's Move to Consider Change to Its Anti-Gay Stance?

The organization is reported to be considering allowing organizations that sponsor the various Scout units to make the call on whether or not to open up their membership to gays.

The Boys Scouts of America is reported to be considering a substantial change to its current position when it comes to gays.

According to CBS News, under the change being considered, it would be up to the different religious and civic groups that sponsor the various Scout units to decide for themselves how to address the issue. These organizations could decide whether to maintain the status quo of excluding gays in youth or leadership roles or open up their membership.

CBS reports this was announced Monday and comes after the organization has taken hits during recent years through petition campaigns and the resulting suspension of funding from some corporations.

BSA spokesman Deron Smith said that under the proposed change, however, the BSA would not dictate a position to the various units, members or parents — it would be entirely up to the relevant organization to make the call.

What do you think about this new proposal? About time or something that should be left as it is?


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