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Greetings! Today, I come to you to declare my candidacy for the 39th District of Cobb County ~ Georgia House of Representatives! I come to address my supporters who will make contributions to our campaign, and with no hesitation, the people of the 39th District, recently held by State Representative, Alisha Thomas Morgan.  I am a 2014 independent candidate.  As I announce my candidacy, I’m reminded of when Jesus preformed His first miracle on earth.  In the book John 2:1-11 water was turned into wine.  Something was done that had never been done before just as without a doubt I will be the first black person to win an election as a independent, we have mostly been affiliated more with the democrats party and or some with the republican party.  I’m very appreciative to have been welcomed to run in both the democrats and the republicans.  I have taken under consideration with no financial support coming from either party that we will have a tough journey ahead.  My committee and I have taken under consider to get the 1,388 required voters plus and extra 1,000 to sign a petition list could be a hard task.  However, being involved in the foundation of civil rights in Cobb County being sent the state conference President and the Southeastern Regional President to reactivate as a foundering member  the NAACP of Marietta and renaming it to Cobb County  as well as forming the first Cobb County SCLC organization with other dedicated leaders I know the stand we took being on no political party side.  It is because of that foundation that I work with both political parties who have supported us in the need of the people of Cobb County, Georgia.  My roots are deep in both the church, which groomed women’s as movers and shakers supporting right and working for the needs of the poeple.   My roots are firm in the teaching and foundation of the civil rights movement which stood on the principal of endorsing no candidate but working for the people of all colors.     My purpose for running is to represent Georgia and the citizens of the 39th District in the state house of representative, respectfully offering the citizens in my district the opportunity to be represented by someone who will faithfully unbiased preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States and work for them, the people. Before making this announcement, I consulted God, first, about His directions, and then sought after strong spiritual leaders from both, Republican and Democratic parties.  I consulted with prominent leaders, Pastors, business owners, voters, and other influential people in his/her leadership role and have come to a clear conclusion that our work should speak for itself.  Not one, but every leader I spoke with knew my work, which represents ALL of the people of Cobb County. It was honorable to hear people of all races: Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, and others express that they knew my work. It is, by far, no surprise that I strongly stand for and represent the people, as well as build positive communities; and because of this, voters have expressed that regardless of what party I ran for “they would vote for me.”  In every race it takes finance and I qualified today knowing if I am supported with finance from any people it will be because he or she supports Mary Ward Cater. In 2002, the first black female was elected to serve the residents of a district which was formed out of the resdistricting which took place.  Changes and improvements have gotten us to where we are today in the 39th district. This is the very reason why it is wonderful going back into the community, seeking the votes and advice of the people who I will represent in this district.   My main concerns are public safety, improving education, increasing the unemployment rate, and an opportunity for everyone to have affordable healthcare. I do not take for granted the work that has been put forth. While there are no limitations in my assistance with District 39 and Cobb, I will continue to serve my community, all churches and denominations, work with all races, work with the Republican and Democratic Parties, and most of all support the people! It’s a new need in the district we have homeless students and families.  Businesses are struggling to keep the doors open.  Men and women are being released from prisons, mental health facilities  and due to his or her backgrounds he or she cannot find shelter, by working with both parties we will seek and find solutions to help ALL people in Georgia and Cobb County.   In 2012, the 39th District consisted of 9,134 black women voters, 6,074 black men voters, 4,632 White women voters, 3,951 White men voters, 122 Asian women voters, 97 Asian men voters, 423 Hispanic women voters, 342 Hispanic men voters, 7 Native American Women voters, 5 Native America men voters, 1,487 people who registered as others making a total of 26,274 voters in the 39th District of Cobb County. Just as 14,318 women, wives, mothers went to the ballot box, voting for hope, help, jobs, and more income, a determined 10,469 men, husbands, fathers, who worked for salaries sometimes lower than minimum wages also went to the ballot box. Rather than focusing on raising thousands of dollars, my focus must be on organizing the 26, 274 voters to petition for Mary Ward Cater to go on the ballot in the General Election. What is an INDEPENDENT Candidate?*As an INDEPENDENT candidate, one who work with both parties and is placed on a ballot to run for office outside of a party afflification.  An INDEPENDENT  will work with and be open to hear both parties.  In a community meeting it is held for all the people of the district.  I will spend much time with voters in the district one on one.  *An INDEPENDENT candidate will have the opportunity to share the views of the voters to both parties and seek the help on top of the table and not secretly from both parties in representing the people .    *An INDEPENDENT candidate must obtain 1,388 signatures in the 39th district to be placed on the November 2014 General election.  As I have gone into the community to educate the people, churches and organizations many have stated that from his or her fore parent they have always voted democratic or republican and some only punched a button that read democrat or republican but never actually knew the candidate.  It’s an education process to help the voters know that he or she should know who the candidate is they are voting for. *An INDEPENDENT candidate will spend time educating his or her voters to know who is representing him or her.  Many times voters do not know who his or her representative is until a problem occurs, this is not accountiablilty.    *The process of running as an INDEPENDENT is a great lesson and brings a candidate closer to his or her voters. *An INDEPENDENT candidate will work with both parties, Republican and Democratic, to address the needs of our State and County.  Being an INDEPENTENT requires more accountiability because it is not a well known way of running for public office. *INDEPENEDENT candidates are not a island standing alone but a person who can work with all parties for the people.   *An INDEPENDENT  is not double minded in his or her stand but will hear both parties and carry the news back to the voters who we work for which will up build our community and state.  When I ran, as the first black person to run for the State House of Representative in 1986 and 1988, I wanted to believe that the total work of the civil rights movement was not in vain. It was District 3 of the twenty districts, covering the cities from Marietta to Mableton, Georgia. It was impossible for a black person to be elected, so the challenge was tough and we knew it as a civil rights group, Nevertheless, in confidence, we ran! To comply with the Voting Rights Act of 1965 after the 1980 census, under court order, the Legislation redrew the boundaries of the 5th district in order to increase black representation; not just to 60% percent, as the black caucus desired, but to 65%, according to legal records.  In 1990, redistricting brought about more changes and smaller districts were formed which covered small territories.  We have broken through much ice by electing the first black President of the United States of America.  I want to believe we have come a long way from the days when my family’s home was shot into with over 26 rounds of a shot gun blasting for the reason of moving into what was called a “white community.” For the record, we will not be running an election on a race/color platform.  While Cobb County is more of a Republican County, District 39 - being out numbered with black voter versus any other race of people, there things that must take place. We must bring to District 39 an increase in Public Safety; more attention to our educational system; we must address the employment needs of the this district; to work with the small business men and women to grow his or her business; to continue the redevelopment and transportation support to the area; to work with the homeless; those students who are homeless; released prisoners who received felony sentences but are being refused housing over minor offenses; we must educate the people of our district about the news judicial programs in mental health, drug court, and the new coming veteran’s court; and to continue to support judges and police officers to clean our communities for crime. A breakdown of my areas of focus is as follows: 

*Public Safety. Public Safety is a growing concern because of the dangers that currently pose to individuals, as well as society.  Therefore we need to make this society a place where officers would want to work (more officers), restructure the 911 system/schedule, increase higher police presence for private businesses, and increase punishments for criminal offenders.


*Education. Enhancing professional competence and confidence for educators, building leadership qualities to lead higher academic achievement for students, as well as providing legislative and legal services are definite reasons why Mary will stand strong with seeing that our educational system is operating at its best.


*Employment. There are more employable jobs than workers globally. What sectors will help to create the number of jobs needed for our unemployed? We must support the U.S Labor Force, whose participation rate is a strong key component in long-term economic growth, almost more important than productivity.


*Affordable HealthCare. While the healthcare system is largely funded through hard-working people who pay taxes, we must continue to keep our focus on one major goal of the healthcare system: to ensure good health and to respond to the expectations of the population. Affordable healthcare is a demand! We must fight for fair financial contribution from the people (based on family income) and the government, so that we can decrease the number of people who are actually dying of curable diseases.

 In the State of Georgia only one person has won an Independent State House of Representative election in Southern Georgia. As I sought the last leader’s advice on a story from the first miracle performed by Jesus, in John 2:1-11 it was confirmed that a candidate should be a servant to the voters and people of his or her electoral areas.   To the people: God is on my side. I have worked with many fine churches, organizations, business owners, and departments in both Democratic and Republican Parties.  My work has graciously been extended to the low income, middle income, the wealthy, and even people with no income; to the homeless, jobless, schools, law enforcement, judicial system, and basically caring for America: our home of the free! In 2014, I assure you that we are not battling many of  the issues we fought in the early days of civil rights. We have progressed, maybe not with everything, but we have come a long way.  The work we have accomplished regarding civil rights, the NAACP, SCLC, the Anti-Klan network, Fair Housing, and more is not what the issues were back then.  What we faced in the 80’s in the NAACP and SCLC is completely different in 2014. We need your vote and your signature as a candidate for the 2014 General Election. We need you to take a petition list in support of Mary Ward Cater for State House of Representative 2014.




Mary Ward Cater



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