Shelter Elves Bring Gifts to the Dogs and Cats

On Christmas Eve morning and all through the day, the toys just kept coming and the dogs did play. The cats were all snuggled and warm in new beds, while visions from catnip swirled in their heads.

The Cobb County Animal Control shelter volunteers brought Christmas to the animals this year - a toy and a blanket or bed for every animal at the shelter. Clean kennels and outings for every dog; and clean cages with lots of cuddling for every cat.

The shelter volunteers work tirelessly, everyday throughout the year, to make the lives of the animals, confined at the shelter, better. They come daily to exercise the dogs no matter what the weather conditions.

Every Sunday, for years now, the same two women have come to the shelter to clean each cat cage…and make sure every kitty in the two adoption rooms has food, water, and a clean litter box.

Volunteers have been known to wash filthy laundry, bath dirty dogs, and brush tangled coats of fur. They transport dogs to adoption events and dogs and cats to rescue groups when needed. Many give monetarily; this provides pull fees and sponsor money for animals to be rescued, vetting expenses for animals that have special needs once outside the shelter, food for hungry kittens and puppies, towels and blankets for bedding, and anything else that arises. These volunteers make it happen.

Fundraising efforts take on many forms and monies are used for the betterment of the animals. Photographs and information get posted online one - two times weekly, showcasing the animals in an effort to find them new homes. Pillow beds are sewn, and raised beds are donated (cat beds are made locally for the cost of the materials).

All this and more is done without hesitation.

Amazing things happen: these sweeties warm hearts and give comfort even when they themselves have been tossed out and rejected. How on Christmas, the day of Christ’s birth – the giver of life, could we not include these creatures in our celebration?

Come out to the shelter and chose a friend for life. Adopt a shelter animal.

To see more available animals at the shelter, click here.

Read a Christmas story at: A cat in a dog’s world

Friends of Shelter Cats - FB page

Vet Tip

The holidays can present some health hazards to your furry friends. Here are a few tips to ensure your pets are protected.

  1. Dogs and cats, but especially cats, are attracted to tinsel and other colorful ornaments. If eaten, they can cause intestinal obstruction, so keep them out of your pets reach.
  2. Of course, all chocolate should be kept away from your pets; however, Baker’s chocolate is the most toxic. 
  3. Avoid feeding your pets table scraps, especially fatty foods, as they can cause upset stomachs.
  4. Poinsettias, Holly, Mistletoe and Lilies are toxic, especially to cats, if eaten.
  5. Keep your pets away from the Christmas tree. Aside from chewing the lights, ingesting pine needles and ornaments, or climbing the tree, the water additives can be harmful if your pets drink from the basin.  Either cover the base, or add citrus peels to the water to discourage pets from approaching the tree in general.
  6. Don’t leave lit candles unattended with animals. They can easily be knocked over.

 Enjoy the holiday season and keep everyone safe.

Dr. Lori Germon is a veterinarian at in Smyrna. You can find information on pet introduction and other pet topics at their website. You can also find them on Facebook.


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