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Sheriff Expresses Disgust that Sandy Hook used to Promote Gun Control

Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller says he has written letters to the President, Vice-President, Congressmen, and to our state delegation, voicing disgust for the use of the events at Sandy Hook to promote gun control.

Here is the message from Douglas County Sheriff Phil D. Miller, apprearing on the Sheriff's Facebook page:

I have received questions from many of you as to my stance on gun control. I have written letters to the President, Vice-President, Congressmen, and to our state delegation. The letters voiced my disgust for the use of the events at Sandy Hook to promote gun control legislation that I believe would violate mine and your second amendment rights.

I have further talked to state legislators who authored state bills that would do the same. I am a member of the Georgia Sheriff's Association Legislative Committee and we as an association are meeting with legislators in an attempt to stop bills before they are presented which we believe are a violation of the Constitution. I will fight in every way that I know how to make sure that our rights as citizens are not violated by the Federal Government or our State Government.

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Jerrod Martinez January 31, 2013 at 11:30 AM
Can't military... But thanks for the suggestion
Lloyd January 31, 2013 at 05:45 PM
To Pam J Yes we need to start somewhere ,so if you haven't had any children then you should advoid having any or get fixed so you can't have any.
sheehan February 05, 2013 at 03:34 PM
the weapons used to kill those kids was NOT I REPEAT NOT AN ASSULT WEAPON. they were killed by handgun fire we know this now. the ar was in the trunk of his car and HAD NOT BEEN FIRED. once again you and people like you are jumping on the band wagon of BULLSHIT becuase you have an issue with something..unfortunatly your are too dumb to even understand what it is your upset about. its not the guns your upset about. its the disregard of life and the next time you want to jump on a band wagon know what the situation is and dont just let some asshole tell you what to think. assult weapons are not a problem in this country handguns are BUT IT IS NOT ANY WEAPON LEGALY OWNED BY A LAWFUL CITIZEN. the people you need to be afraid of are the same people that will continue to use them after every lawful gun is banned and collected by the fed. and those guns are the ones sold on the blackmarket and on the streets. those guns are the ones used in crime in this country and those are still going to be there REGARDLESS of if you can remove every gun from every house in america. the blackmarket will only make that much more money. now if you care to get off your ass and target something that kills more people every day then guns lets get cars off the streets. since more people die every day in car wrecks then will EVER die by guns. or you could target knives and basball bats since they are responsible for more homicides then guns too.look up the cdc records on death in america its intersting
Mule Skinner March 06, 2013 at 03:44 AM
that's just it,We don't need to start anywhere when it comes to chipping away at the constitution.What do you think would have happened if the guy ran in with a machete and started hacking children to pieces,or a baseball bat and started beating sculls in.It would have been the same out come.Things don;t kill,People do-
skysurfer@gmail.com March 20, 2013 at 05:55 PM
9.5 magazines or clips are what Lanza used according to the bs artist that wrote the information on the video that Mike Looney put up if that was true the Dems would be using them on every televised news program around just to show the anti gunners but they haven't because its all bull shit hey mike looney get you facts tight you fucking dumb ass..


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