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Unbeatable Service; Authentic, Delicious Colombian Food

Kiosco is a hidden gem a few blocks off Marietta Square. With a great host, reasonable prices, a vibrant and intimate environment, and food that will leave your mouth watering, you can't go wrong with this Colombian restaurant.

Half a block away I paused to take a deep breath, the scent of something delicious drawing me farther down Powder Springs Street and into .

From my first step into the restaurant I knew I was going to like it. Owner Eddie Bermudez, 24, enthusiastically welcomed me and sat me right away.

"There is nothing like it," Bermudez, who has been with the restaurant for three years, said of the establishment. "It's a lively, very, very upbeat, very friendly atmosphere. People come in and they have fun."

From my experience at the restaurant, I have to agree with Bermudez's statement.

Service: The service was fast and Bermudez was very willing to help me navigate the menu. Bermudez, who says he is always on the floor mingling with his guests, is a very proud of his restaurant and its service.

"Most restaurants when you go to the restaurant the waiter is literally just a waiter. Here on the other hand we are in your face. We know your name, know your family. We're very, very intimate. We take the restaurant and service to a whole new level, we make sure they love us, we make sure that every person who goes out these doors loves us and has a good experience."

Food: Chorizo con Arepa/Colombian Sausage, Empanadas de Pollo o Carne/Colombian Meat Pie (chicken or beef), Chicharron con arepa/Pork Rinds, Plantains, Yuca Frita and Papa Criolla Frita/Fried Andes Potatoes make up the Appetizers, which range in price from $1.50 to $3.95 for Lunch and Dinner.

Dinner Especialidades/Specialities include: Tamal Colombiano/Colombian Tamale ($7.95), Paella Marinera/Seafood Paella ($17.95), Tilapia Marinera/Combo Tilapia and Seafood in Curry Sauce ($17.95), Mariscos en salsa de coco/Seafood in coconut sauce ($17.95) and Vegetales en Ajo/Fresh Mixed Vegetables in Garlic ($7.95). Lunch Specialties include: Empanada Special/3 Empanadas Rice n' Beans ($6.45), Tamal Colombiano ($5.95), Paella Marinera ($10.95) and Vegetales en Ajo ($6.95).

"There is not really another restaurant with Colombian cuisine in the area,"  Bermudez said.

He recommends the Medio Pollo al Horno ($8.95 Lunch/$12.95 Dinner). The half-roasted chicken with raspberry sauce is served with rice and beans or mixed steamed veggies.

"It's amazing, amazing, amazing and did I say amazing!" Bermudez said of the dish.

This dish was the best chicken I've had out in a while. The meat was very tender and packed a flavorful punch. I'm no expert on Colombian food, but I greatly enjoyed this meal. The raspberry sauce was thick, fresh and rich in taste.

"My family's Colombian and I've eaten it all my life; I know how it's supposed to taste."

Tilapia Sudada/Tilapia in garlic, parsley and butter ($8.95/$13.95), Carne Asada/Grilled steak served with sweet plantains and avocado (8 oz. for $8.95/12 oz. for $13.95), Carne Desmechada/Sauteed shredded beef served with patacones ($8.45/$11.95) and Cerdo en salsa de pimienta/Pepper pork steak ($8.95/$11.95) are among the Carnes/Meats, Pollo/Chicken and Pescado/Fish dishes on the menu.

Bottom Line: "When people come in half the time they have no idea what they're getting into," Bermudez said.

The restaurant and service are hip and welcoming. The intimate setting is perfect for a date night or evening out with friends. This hole-in-the-wall gem has service that can't be beat. With a great host, reasonable prices, a vibrant and intimate environment, and food that will leave your mouth watering, you can't go wrong.

Hours: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5:45 to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 12  to 9:30 p.m. Saturday.

Location: 48 Powder Springs St., Marietta
Phone: 678-337-7999

Reservations: There is limited seating, and a reservation is needed Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

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