Wellstar Paulding

Last Saturday my brother who is disabled fell.  I transported him to Wellstar Paulding.  After spending 3 hours in the ER waiting room we were taken back to a room.  After an Xray it was determined my brother had several pelvic fractures. We were also told that surgery is not normally done with this type of fracture.  My brother was admitted 8 hours after first arriving at Wellstar Paulding.  We were told that he would need rehab and it would take weeks to recover.  We told the hospital that my brother was uninsured and his disability paperwork was in the government pipeline somewhere.  We were told a day later that since he was uninsured no rehab facility would accept him.  We explained that my brother had been staying with my 80 year old Mother who had dementia and had 2 strokes and there was no way she could care for him and he could not go to her home.  Well 4 days later Wellstar Paulding loaded him into an ambulance and dropped him off at my Moms home.  He is an adult male who is totally wheelchair bound as he cannot stand, walk, dress himself, shower, move in bed.  He is totally immobile due to the pelvic fractures.  There was no rehab or home care arranged prior to his being dropped at my Mom's.  When we contacted the orthopedic doctor who saw my brother in the emergency room  he told us that he would not treat my brother because he is uninsured.   Can't believe this is the USA and someone who has
paid into the system since he was 16 cannot get treatment. Ideas, suggestions anyone?
Lone Stranger May 06, 2014 at 10:06 AM
Wellstar and others of their ilk are all just holding up the American public for ransom. I certainly hope these people get a taste of their own medicine when their god Obama ruins out healthcare system. Folks this is a travesty. Millions of mexicans have robbed us blind gorging themselves on our system while good Americans like the above get screwed. Obama is Satan.


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