What's the Going Rate for the Tooth Fairy in 2013?

Folding currency, not coins, apparently is required for the storied exchange.

Got a snaggletooth in your household? Here's how to keep them happy.

The tooth fairy, the longtime nocturnal visitor who leaves financial treats under pillows in exchange for childrens' ejected teeth, has to adjust for inflation too.

So how much does a lost tooth earn in 2013? An average of $3, apparently, although there's word that one went for as much as $10 in Suwanee recently.

In the 21st century, there's digital help. Visa, as part of a financial education program, has an online Tooth Fairy calculator.

Testing the filter options: For Georgia, parents' age of 45, and household income of $40-49.9k, with a college education, there was an interesting variable. The average was $4 for female parents, $3 for male parents.

This would equal the inflation-adjusted amount that those parents received from the fabled fairy.

And yes, there's mobile help. The Visa Tooth Fairy Calculator also has a mobile app available for smartphones.

According to Forbes.com, VISA hasn’t released information about how it created the tooth fairy app.

Also, researchers believe that, especially in times of economic crisis, consumers spend more on smaller luxury goods themselves feel better. So, parents might splurge on their children’s lost teeth because they can’t afford larger gift giving at other times.

How much does the Tooth Fairy leave at your household?


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