10 Tips for Secure Online Holiday Shopping from Marietta Police

The Marietta Police Department has released a list of ten helpful tips for secure online shopping during the holiday season.

The Marietta Police Department has released a list of ten helpful tips for secure online shopping during the holiday season.

"Wi-Fi" Shopping 
  • While it is okay to browse various sites using a public Wi-Fi connection, it is not recommended to send any personal or financial information over an unsecured connection. Be conscientious of Wi-Fi hotspots and be wary of making any purchases over these connections.
How to Transmit Payments Securely
  • Before entering any personal or financial information on a site, make sure that you have a secure connection. Look for signs indicating that the site is secure, such as a URL address that begins with "https://" or a closed padlock on your browser's address bar.
Go Where You Know
  • Use familiar websites to ensure that the companies you are shopping from are legitimate, trusted sites.
  • Check the URL to make sure there are no misspellings.
  • Research the site before making a purchase to make sure they do not have any bad reviews.
  • If making purchases on eBay, check the seller's history and reputation.
Don't Tell All
  • Be cautious about what information you provide; a website will never require your social security number or birthdate to make a purchase.
Due Diligence
  • Before making a purchase, review the seller's return, cancellation and complaint handling policies.
Way to Pay
  • If possible, make purchases with a credit card instead of a debit card; using a credit card allows you to dispute any fraudulent charges.
Check Statements
  • Continually review your credit card and banking statements to assure that your information has not been compromised and that fraudulent purchases have not been made.
Make a Paper Trail 
  • Always print or save copies of your orders to confirm with banking statements and avoid any discrepancies.
Suspicious Scammers
  • Beware of fraudulent e-mails from scammers posing as banks, shipping companies and sellers, often requesting you to confirm or provide additional information.
  • Never click on links included in these e-mails.
  • Contact the company if you believe it to be fraudulent.
Review, Recognize, Report 


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