Hate Crime Fugitive Arrested by U.S. Marshals in Maryland

In other national headlines, a car-size meteor flies over San Francisco, and police seize thousands of Oxycodone pills in Massachusetts.

Car-Size Meteor Flies over California

A large meteor streaked across the night sky Thursday and was seen and heard throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sky observers reported they had seen a bright fireball with hues of red and orange break up overhead shortly before 8 p.m., accompanied by a loud boom.

The sound was so loud, some residents reported it shook their homes, making them think it may be an earthquake. Read more...

Police Seize Thousands of Oxycodone Pills

Authorities arrested six men Friday morning in Massachusetts' North Shore area in several drug raids.

Warrants were executed at 10 different locations in Lynn, Peabody, Salem and Danvers, and police seized thousands of oxycodone pills along with more than $50,000 in cash and a gun. Read more...

'Lottery Angel' Helps New Jersey Teen Win $1M

Inspired by his recently deceased grandmother, a 19-year-old New Jersey took home $1 million from a scratch-off lottery ticket.

The teen, who has remained anonymous, played scratch-offs growing up with his grandmother, who died Sept. 12. 

Soon after her death, the teen asked his mother, “‘I think I’m going to start playing scratch-offs again. Do you think mom-mom will make me win?’" the mother told Patch. “I said, ‘I highly doubt mom-mom has any connection with you winning or not winning the lottery.’” Read more...

Hate Crime Fugitive Arrested by U.S. Marshals

U.S. Marshals arrested a fugitive in Maryland on Wednesday for violating his probation related to a hate crime conviction, as well as weapon and drug possession charges.

The conviction against Michael Patrick Dawson came after he allegedly pulled a knife on a Washington D.C. cab driver and said: "I'm going to kill you. I already killed your brother."

Officials said Dawson is a member of the Arian Nation, a white supremecist organization. Read more...

Man Charged in Sewer Scandal Dies in Accident

A New Jersey man allegedly involved in a sewer scandal died in a motorcycle accident Oct. 13 after his bike tipped over and slid on a road.

Joseph Lehman, 27, made headlines in February when he was arrested and charged with theft and conspiracy to commit theft in the Cinnaminson Sewerage Authority scandal.

Lehman, who was a subcontractor with the authority, was allegedly one of 10 men involved in a scheme in which more than $100,000 allegedly was stolen in public resources. Read more...

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