Distraction Burglary on Atwood Drive in Marietta

While one man distracted the homeowner outside, the other two men entered the house and began to steal valuables.

On Aug. 27, a white, unmarked minivan pulled into the driveway of an elderly couple on Atwood Drive in Marietta. The homeowner was outside working in the yard when the driver approached him and stated that the fence was built past the property line. The driver asked the homeowner to walk the property line so he could take measurements.

While the homeowner was distracted, two other men entered the house and began to steal valuables, according to Marietta Police. The homeowner’s wife came out of a back bedroom and found the two men in the living room. 

The men stated they were looking for a pencil and paper and quickly left the residence. All three men got back into the minivan and left without further incident, according to Marietta Police. 

The homeowner’s wife immediately went back into the house and discovered that valuables had been taken.

The three perpetrators are described as white males between 35 and 40 years of age, clean-shaven and wearing khaki pants with polo shirts, according to Police. The men were in a white minivan with no business markings.

The is asking anyone with information in this case or any similar unreported case to contact Detective Rader at 770-794-5388 or the Marietta Police Anonymous Tip Line 770-794-6990.

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