Family Members of Shooting Victim Want Cobb Bar Closed

Repeated shooting at Milo's raises family's ire.

Milo's bar. (Patch file photo.)
Milo's bar. (Patch file photo.)

The family of a man shot and killed at a Marietta bar want the establishment closed.

The family of Tekilum Terrell told WSB-TV that Milo's Bar and Grill on Garrison Road that he has not been the only shooting victim at the establishment.

In April 2013, police charged three people with killing Terrell at Milo's.

Terrell's mother, Barbara Lawson, told the station, "They shot and killed my son there. And it's been two shootings since then. Why is he still in business?"

Thomas Milo, who owns Milo's Bar and Lounge, told WSB-TV that he knew Terrell.  Milo said Terrell was a good customer and was upset to learn he had died.

"I knew T. To come back and realize he was the one that was shot, it's really touching man," said Milo.

In the latest shooting, March 20, Cobb County police said a stray bullet hit a bystander.

Milo's owner told the station he's planning to have officers in the parking lot during bar hours.

Octo Slash March 25, 2014 at 09:00 AM
Yeah, the problem isn't rampant black-on-black violence and a completely broken down family structure caused by the failure of the Great Society and the lack of parental guidance. The problem is there's a bar in Marietta. Tear it down.
Harry Ball March 25, 2014 at 05:18 PM
According to the US Department of Justice, Blacks, 12.5-13% of the population (1), were responsible for 52.5% of all homicides in America from 1980-2008. Page 12 table 7 at http://bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/htus8008.pdf (1)Black population obtained from the US Census
Delaware Anarchist March 26, 2014 at 02:21 AM
Nobody has murdered more innocent people than the White Man. What is the percentage of White on White killings between the Catholics verses Protestants in Ireland? What is the percentage of White on White deaths due to the IRA and UK Forces banging over Northern Ireland? Black on Black is no diffrent than White on White in Europe under King Aurther. Whites murdered 400 Million Black Africans during Slave Trading. Molosevic killed 2 Million Slavs. of his race. Hitler: Well far as i'm concernd the jury is out. TALK ABOUT VIOLENT BEHAVIOR??? H.W. and W. murdered 4 Million Iraqis that never threatened or posed a threat to America and her people. What color are The Bush Presidents? Your turn genuis-


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