Marietta Chevron Owner Convicted of Food Stamp Fraud

Since June of 2009, the owner and manager of a Marietta Chevron stole over $500,000 from the Food and Nutrition Services division.

The owner and manager of the Chevron gas station located at 811 South Marietta Parkway was arrested and charged federally for Food Stamp Fraud.

In June of 2010, received a tip that a business within the city was possibly committing food stamp fraud. The allegation stated that the manager/owner of the Chevron station, identified as Shamsha Mirza Vasay, 31, of Duluth, was allowing citizens to illegally use their EBT cards to make cash withdrawals and purchases outside the scope of use for the cards. 

A two year undercover investigation was launched in cooperation and conjunction with agents of the United States District Attorneys, Office of Inspector General. 

The investigation revealed that since June of 2009 Vasay had stolen over $500,000 from the Food and Nutrition Services division that coordinates food stamp vouchers and EBT cards, according to Marietta Police.

Vasay was arrested and charged federally for Food Stamp Fraud, Police said. In June of 2012, Vasay was convicted of her charges and was sentenced to 33 months in federal prison. 

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