Phone App Leads to Drugs, Weapons Seizure in Marietta

Marietta police seize weapons and drugs at an apartment on Franklin Road while responding to a report of a stolen iPhone.

Updated 7 p.m.

The investigation of the drugs and weapons seized early Tuesday resulted in seven arrests.

Afton Leak, 22, and Brandon A. King, 20, both from Marietta, are charged with numerous theft, weapons and narcotics charges.

Charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession are Christian Moore, 22, of Atlanta, Jasmyne J. Pleasant, 20, of Acworth, Shaquala K. Dennis, 20, of Marietta, Qunitavious Cullins, 22, of Atlanta, and Tatravious D. Nelson, 31, of Marietta.

Original Report

seized 1,100 grams of suspected marijuana, 42 tablets of Oxycodone and six guns at , located at 1035 Franklin Rd.

Officers responded to a stolen cell phone report at the on Northwest Parkway at around 3 a.m. Tuesday. The victim told police that a black man stole his iPhone 4.

Officers used the Find My iPhone application, which lead them to the northeast corner of a building within the Autumn View Apartments.

Police knocked and announced themselves to the apartment. While officers were talking to an individual through the door, a man attempted to flee the apartment by jumping off the second-floor balcony. The man was taken into custody, and the stolen iPhone was recovered from him.

Other items found inside the apartment include the drugs, five handguns (three of which were stolen), one assualt rifle and a digital scale.

Marietta police are encouraging citizens who own smart phones to check with their cell phone providers to see if similar applications are available for their phones, said David Baldwin, a spokesman of the Marietta Police Department, in a press release.

This application is not only a great tool for owners in recovering lost or misplaced phones but can also be utilized by law enforcement as an investigative tool in recovering stolen property, Baldwin said in the release.


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