Police: Iowa City Landlord Spies on Showering University of Iowa Student, Other Female Tenants

The landlord on South Lucas Street, a popular housing area for University of Iowa students, was accused of peeping at a tenant through a hole near the ventilation fan.

An Iowa City landlord is facing invasion of privacy charges after allegedly peeping at a University of Iowa student and other female tenants in their showers.

At least one of the incidents happened at his property at 639 S. Lucas St. South Lucas Street is a popular housing area for University of Iowa students.

According to an Iowa City Police criminal complaint, on Wednesday at 11 a.m. a police officer was called to an apartment at the above address by a female caller who complained someone was peeping into her apartment. When the officer arrived, the female caller pointed at Elwyn Gene Miller, 63, of Iowa City, the owner of the property.

After investigation, the officer writes in the complaint that it was clear that there was a peep hole in the ceiling next to the vent fan that would allow the viewer, allegedly Miller, to see the woman while she was in the shower.

After interviewing Miller further, he allegedly admitted to peeping in on women while they were in their bathrooms in other apartments on multiple occasions.

According to the complaint, Miller admitted that he was not interested in the tenants as people but was interested "because they were women and naked."

One of the victims, UI senior Ruth Lapointe, told the Gazette she’s had a difficult time sleeping since learning of the allegations.

“I felt I needed to be inebriated to get to sleep that night,” Lapointe said. “It’s the most frightening experience of my life.”

Invasion of privacy is a serious misdemeanor charge.

The Iowa City Press-Citizen reported that the city of Iowa City does not plan to check the apartment for other peep holes but those inspections are available upon request.

Miller declined to comment when contacted by Iowa City Patch Thursday morning.


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