Taqueria Tsunami, Loco Willy's Sell to Minors

Take a look at the Marietta businesses that passed the alcohol compliance check and the businesses cited for selling to minors on May 16.

The Marietta Police Department conducted alcohol compliance checks on businesses on May 16. Six of the businesses checked sold alcoholic beverages to underage buyers.

The buyers did not provide false identification or misrepresent their age in any way.  

The following businesses passed the alcohol compliance check:

  • 2001 Windy Hill Rd. Marietta 30060
  • Shell 1889 Cobb Pkwy. S Marietta 30060                             
  • 1869 Cobb Pkwy. S Marietta 30060
  • 1405 Cobb Pkwy. Ste. A Marietta 30060
  • Cobb Liquor Store 1405 Cobb Pkwy. Ste. B Marietta 30060      
  • 277 S. Marietta Pkwy. Marietta 30060
  • 29 W. Park Sq. Marietta 30060
  • N. Park Bistro 105 N. Park Square Marietta 30060
  • 23 S. Marietta Pkwy. Marietta 30060  
  • 690 Powder Spr. St. Marietta 30060
  • Kastaways 795 Powder Spr. St. Marietta 30064
  • Café 803 803 Powder Springs St. Marietta 30060
  • Asia Buffet & Grill 1177 Bellemeade Dr. Marietta 30060              
  • Bev MaxX 350 S. Fairground St. Marietta 30060
  • Hot Wings 981 S. Marietta Pkwy. Marietta 30060
  • 698 Roswell St. Marietta 30060
  • 962 Roswell St. Marietta 30060   
  • ABC Package 280 Cobb Pkwy. S Marietta 30060
  • 724 Cherokee St. Marietta 30060
  • Occasions Catering 688 Whitlock Ave. Marietta 30064
  • Moondog Growlers 688 Whitlock Ave. Marietta 30064  
  • 800 Whitlock Ave. Marietta 30064
  • Whitlock Pkg. 940 Whitlock Ave. Marietta 30064      
  • Sophias Bar & Grill 990 Whitlock Ave. Marietta 30064
  • 1000 Whitlock Ave. Marietta 30064    
  • Three Amigos 1000 Whitlock Ave. Marietta 30064  

The following businesses were cited for selling to minors:

  • Citgo 574 Roswell St. Marietta 30060
  • Rodney’s Jamaican Soulfood 2092 Cobb Pkwy. S Marietta 30060
  • 70 S. Park Sq. Marietta 30060                    
  • Fairground Food Mart 619 N. Fairground St. Marietta 30060
  • Beer Barrel 1294 Roswell Rd. Marietta 30060
  • 800 Whitlock Ave. Marietta 30064

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CobbAT May 24, 2012 at 03:44 PM
Cobb Alcohol Taskforce appreciates Marietta Police conducting compliance checks to help prevent alcohol sales to minors, and all of the businesses that passed the compliance checks! For the six businesses that failed, here are some business practices that will help keep your business in compliance and prevent underage alcohol sales. - Hire, train and supervise responsible staff to keep business in compliance with alcohol sales laws - Learn and use business best practices for responsible alcohol sales & service by attending a RASS Workshop Evindi 2012.pdf / Stumpe and Associates 2012.pdf /Traning Institute 2012.pdf - Develop comprehensive written policies; include requirement to ID everyone or at a minimum ID anyone under age 40 - Use comprehensive and effective employee training programs - Ensure all sellers/servers know how to properly verify a customer's age and refuse sale/service to minors and intoxicated patrons - Supervise and monitor employee compliance with company policies and state and local laws For further information, visit our website at www.cobbat.org


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