BOC to Vote to Inspect Pedestrian Bridges

The Cobb Board of Commissioners will be discussing and approving many projects for Cobb County tonight.

After presenting the county budget for fiscal year 2013, The will vote to approve the inspection of roughly 35 pedestrian bridges in the county as part of their regular meeting on Tuesday night.

Unlike vehicle bridges, which are inspected bi-annually by GDOT, pedestrian bridges are not subject to any state or federal inspection authorities, though state and federal authorities suggest a once every two year inspection process. It is up to each county to determine how to inspect its pedestrian bridges.

Cobb County is planning to award a SPLOST-funded $97,853.25 contract to AECOM Technical Services, Inc., to produce a master list of county pedestrian bridges.

This project will also include determining the ownership and maintenance responsibility of all pedestrian bridges. The bridges themselves will also be inspected, and recommendations for repairs will be made.

Other infrastructure improvements are in store for the county. Two SPLOST projects along Six Flags Drive will be amalgamated into one contract, and the county has recommended approval of the amendment of the contract to Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., in an amount not to exceed $122,920.00.

The new contract combines the designing of Six Flags Drive roadway safety and operational improvements, from Factory Shoals Road to Riverside Parkway and the designing of Six Flags Drive at Lee Industrial Boulevard/Six Flags Parkway intersection improvements.

The county will save almost $80,000 in their project to improve the intersection at Sandy Plains and East Piedmont roads. Although the project has been completed, material under-runs of over $100,000 have allowed the county to get back some of the money allotted in the contract.

Kennsaw's will be getting a SPLOST-funded $1.1 million face lift from Sports Turf Company, Inc., pending contract approval. The project includes re-sodding fields 1-3 and 9-12 at the park, with the option to re-sod fields 7 and 8 dependent on costs of the base renovations.

Mableton's will get a $114,300 renovation, which will include upgrades to the field and the construction of two park buildings. The park was originally built in the 1960s and this improvement will aid the community greatly.


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