Braves Hope to Select Developer Within Next Four Weeks

Cobb Commissioners agree to begin advertising for a general contractor and project manager to help build the proposed $672 million Cobb County Atlanta Braves Stadium.

The Atlanta Braves' new stadium in Cobb County could be ready for Opening Day 2017. Credit: Atlanta Braves
The Atlanta Braves' new stadium in Cobb County could be ready for Opening Day 2017. Credit: Atlanta Braves
Cobb Commissioners hope to have a general contractor and project manager hired in the next six to eight weeks to help build the proposed $672 million Cobb County Atlanta Braves Stadium.

At this week’s board meeting, which was not attended by an ailing Bob Ott, the commissioners voted unanimously to begin advertising both positions.

In January, the Braves decided on an architectural firm to design their new stadium as the team said it will enter a partnership with Populous, formerly known as HOK.

The Braves are hoping to within the next four weeks pick a developer for the $400 million to $600 million mixed-use project and entertainment district that will be located around the new stadium in the Cumberland area.

The finalist include Atlanta developers – Fuqua Development LLC and Pope & Land Enterprises Inc. – and from outside Georgia, American Enterprise Group in Los Angeles, Houston-based Hines Interest and Cincinnati’s North American Properties.

The Braves are looking to draw people year-round to the development and not just during the 81 home games the team is focused on playing in Cobb beginning in 2017.

The team has stated that it is examining its possible “project partners at every level.”

Also at this week’s Cobb Commission meeting, the board narrowed the job of designing a shuttle service that would assist moving Braves fans around the stadium and development down to a pair of finalists.

County staff will now negotiate between Metro Panning and Engineering in Atlanta and San Francisco-based URS Corporation to determine which will be hired.

The Braves Come to Cobb

electric123 March 28, 2014 at 06:36 AM
Cobb BOC is seeking Co-Conspirators! to screw over the taxpayers again for this behind closed doors activity.
Brian April 07, 2014 at 02:24 AM
electric123: I don't share your opinion or your conspiracy theorizing. Have you considered moving to Paulding County if you don't like investment? Paulding has nothing like the Cumberland CID producing over 33% of the county's economy. You'll be all set, and will be paying your own taxes instead of letting the CID do a lot of it for you so you can have a lower mill rate. Then you can complain about any type of progressive investment to increase the type of development that will lower our mill rate even further, or bring entertainment that will increase our quality of life.
electric123 April 07, 2014 at 03:24 AM
@Brian, I have lived in Snobb County for 33 years and see it get more money hungry as the State in general with their SPLOST, E-SPLOST, school board deficit whining, how did Cobb operate for 50 years prior when they did not have all this taxation? my mother in law has told be a lot before when S. Cobb Dr. was a two lane dirt road, so if you are gullible about Cobb BOC, there is no one to blame except yourself, I would call for new blood in our next election to show them we do not accept their behind closed doors action!


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