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Cobb Officials Push for Congestion Relief on Northwest Corridor

State and Cobb County officials want to reduce funding for transit services and put it toward the managed reversible lanes on the county’s Northwest Corridor I-75/575. What do you think?

Chairman , Kennesaw Mayor Mark Mathews, State Senators Chip Rogers and Lindsey Tippins, and State Representative Earl Earhart want to alter the by reducing funding for transit services and putting funding toward the managed reversible lanes on the county’s North/South interstate (also known as the Northwest Corridor I-75/575 P3 initiative).

Project TIA-CO-035 calls for enhanced transit services from North to the MARTA Arts Center Station and is the most expensive project on Cobb’s list at $689 million. It was originally the leading project in Cobb’s effort to combat growing traffic congestion along I-75 and I-575.

Is the managed reversible lanes project for the county’s Northwest Corridor I-75/575 the most important for our future? Is there a better use for transit funding?

“When Cobb County went out into the community to determine which projects were the most important for our future, the I-75/575 P3 project was a done deal,” Lee said in a press release. “We would never have focused on the transit piece if we had known that the I-75/575 project was in jeopardy. The suspension of the I-75/575 project by the state is a substantial and material change caused by the state after the project list process ended. The state should afford us the opportunity to fix that in this list."

In October, Cobb’s list of 15 projects . In December the state Department of Transportation's board determined that the concessionaire approach was not in the state’s best interest so they withdrew funding for the P3, which would have added capacity along I-75/575 through Cobb and into Cherokee County.

“By combining the scope of the P3 and TIA initiatives we have the rare opportunity to relatively quickly alleviate our current massive traffic congestion on the 75/575 corridor in Cobb, Cherokee and Bartow counties and simultaneously expand future capacity on these major arteries to encourage economic growth while providing cost efficient lane access for express commuter bus service from Acworth to Atlanta,” Tippins said in the release.

“The I-75/575 corridor is the single greatest priority for getting traffic moving on the Northside,” Mathews added in the release. “Had it been known at the time that the P3 was doomed, we would have made this corridor the top priority for Cobb County.”

Funding the Transportation Investment Act project list is scheduled to be voted on by the public in July.


Kathy Mama-Dukes January 25, 2012 at 12:57 PM
OMG when will you LEARN? LOOK at the FUTURE, like 20 years from now! More lanes? NO! What you NEED is MASS TRANSPORTATION which means TRAINS! With a frequency (schedule) to handle moving people quickly all around Atlanta. Be the city, no be the STATE for that matter that can be a model for OTHER cities. Show off a transportation system that the state of Georgia CAN DO! Stop with the band-aids already. If you go the road route you're only working on a 5 year window plan at MOST. What a waste of time and money; never mind the TIME spent thinking about this waste of time and money.
ACC-SEC Booster January 25, 2012 at 04:09 PM
These will not be normal lanes, they will be High Occupancy Toll lanes with adjustable tolls in which three-person carpools and higher-frequency park-and-ride commuter bus service/bus rapid transit operations will be the priority. Rail transit service in the I-75 NW Corridor will still be pursued by the state and the region, it's just that these lanes and the bus transit service that would operate in them will come online much quicker (in a 3-4 year window) than rail transit will be able to (5-10 years for commuter rail on the CSX rail line and 15-25 years for light rail service on Cobb Parkway) due to the numerous issues of geographical placement of the light rail line, funding for both the rail transit lines and contractual issues that would need to be worked out with CSX so that commuter rail could be brought online between Cartersville and ATL on the CSX line and between Canton and ATL and on the Georgia Northeastern Railroad & CSX lines. Rail transit is still in the long-term plans for the I-75 NW Corridor, but commuter bus service in the I-75 HOT lanes is a much-quicker start. Road capacity also urgently needs to be added to the I-75 right-of-way through Cobb County for the first time in over 25 years because of the coming massive uptick in freight truck traffic that will be generated by the pending expansion of the Port of Savannah.
ACC-SEC Booster January 25, 2012 at 04:16 PM
Proof that commuter rail is still planned for the I-75 Northwest Metro Corridor despite the investment in the elevated dual reversible tolled carpool lanes in the I-75 right-of-way. http://dot.ga.gov/travelingingeorgia/rail/Documents/CommuterRailMap.pdf http://www.dot.state.ga.us/maps/Documents/railroad/nga_passenger.pdf


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