Do You Support The Charter Schools Amendment?

On Nov. 6, voters will decide if the state of Georgia can create charter schools, or will those decisions remain at the local levels.

In less than two weeks, voters will decide if Georgia can create a state commission authorizing charter schools.

The issue has stirred controversy all across metro Atlanta. Some Democratic leaders are calling the ballot biased and misleading. Others, however, are reaching across political aisles to support the amendment. On Saturday, Oct. 27, two state lawmakers - one Republican, the other a Democrat -headlined a rally in support of the amendment.

Do you support charter schools? Should Georgia be allowed to create a commission authorizing them, or should these decisions remain at the local school-board level?

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HMG November 04, 2012 at 12:33 PM
Pam J November 04, 2012 at 10:36 PM
I've seen the commercial with the young girl advocating the charter school amendment and I agree that there are problems in some of the schools. But shouldn't they just take the money they would use to build the charter schools and put more security or whatever in the public schools? I'm not sure that taxpayers should be paying for charter schools. Either find a private school or home school your children if they are afraid to go to school or just don't like it. We need to get back to like it was when I was in school in Cobb County. We were not scared to go to school. Nobody was really bullied because the teachers had more authority than they do today. Parents did not get upset if a teach told your child to sit down and be quiet. My fifth grade teacher at Milford Elementary (back in the early 1960's)threw a piece of chalk at a student, and yes, she did get in trouble for that, but she still kept her job. It seems that we have given the kids way more power than they should have. We need to start assuring them that, as parents and teachers, we have the upper hand.
Frank November 05, 2012 at 08:00 PM
Vote NO on Amendment 1! Ballot language is misleading - local boards can already authorize charter schools. Funding - new layer of government will be required to monitor state charter schools (read HB 797 the charter school amendment supporting legislation) We need less government, not more. We can't pay for what we have.


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