Live at the Cobb Commission Meeting

It's a light agenda tonight, but maybe there will be a surprise.

We're here live at the Cobb County Commission meeting. It's a light agenda, but commissioners are expected to approve a contract to build the new Austell Senior Center. Commissioners got a look earlier today at a master plan for Northeast Cobb's Mabry Park and are expected to approve it tonight.

7 p.m. There is a crowd here from the Friends of Mabry Park. They all have on blue shirts that say "Imagine" on the front and "...a place...." on the back with the group's website.

7:07 The pledge and prayer are out of the way.

Commissioners JoAnn Birrell and Bob Ott recognize Walton High School’s men’s lacrosse team, men’s soccer team and women’s tennis team, all of whom won state championships this spring.

7:21 May 2011 is proclaimed Asthma Awareness Month.

A proclamation is presented to the Lockheed Martin Leadership Association designating June 5 through 11 as Management Week in Cobb County.

7:23 A public hearing opens on the consideration of the Johnson Ferry Road Urban Design Plan. Many meetings have been held with businesses and residents about how to improve this area in East Cobb.

7:27 Staff has created a design with four hub areas along the road. Some will be more urban in nature and others more residential.

7:36 A speaker from the East Cobb Civic Association is excited that this is before you now. Community has worked long and hard on this plan.

A new speaker is an original member of steering committee. She thanks Commissioner Bob Ott. "It is critical that we have an urban design for this area."

Larry Savage says he doesn’t think the government should go out and determine how a community should look. He says that the community involvement has been poor and that the meetings weren't advertised very well.

7:43 Ott says this is the first step in a process, as a guide for development. The design has been community-driven. Many changes have been made to address any concerns.

The board accepts the design plan unanimously.

7:51 It's public comment time.

A speaker thanks police for their help in a recent robbery at his house.

A new speaker is opposed to proposed cuts in CCT routes. She says her housekeeper has no other way to get to her house.

Another speaker rides the 65 bus and says she has no other way to get to work.

8:15 The consent agenda, which includes approval of the master plan for Mabry Park, passes.

8:17 Several transportation items are approved, including improvements to Bells Ferry Road, Jiles Road and Barrett Parkway.

8:19 Commissioners approve a design/build contract with Choate Construction for the Austell Senior Center. The old building was flooded in 2009.

8:25 And we are adjourned.

Donna Short-Woodham June 02, 2011 at 03:45 PM
Amy you should run for a local council seat in your town. If you live in Smyrna I would vote for you.
Donna Short-Woodham June 02, 2011 at 04:24 PM
Chris consider to run for your city council seat if not to late to apply. Smyrna citizens need thinkers like you and Amy. We need to embrace new ideas of alternative transportation. We need to rid the city of the dead ideas like widening roads. The money that is being used over again to widen roads or re-widen could be used for a trolley car that uses alternative gas. The SPLOST monies should stop being used to build jails and new courthouses( waste). The cities Marietta, Kennesaw , Roswell , Smyrna could buy zip cars use it to visit each town for a day of shopping eating out or climbing Kennesaw Mt.. The trolley used the same way. The cities could go in together and purchase two trolley,s The trolley could go to the different cities. If you want to bike around Roswell city hop on the trolley , Climb or jog around Kennesaw hop on a trolley. The SPLOST money is out there but it is mostly used for roads. Other cities are doing these things now and they don,t have SPLOST funds. What they do have are people who want to come in and play for a day in these cities and spend money. Cobb county has the Silver Comet, most might not know this but SCT host a marathon on it each Oct., People could stay at Marietta Hilton and trolley out to the SCT. Chattahoochee River, Kennesaw Mt. , White Water, not to mention an assortment of bike trails and parks. There should be a trolley going to these places. This is called good public relations between the cities.
Inside-Out June 02, 2011 at 06:10 PM
Wow, I haven't even thought about a trolley since Mr. Rogers neighborhood. That trolley I believe ran non stop to......Oh yea, the land of make believe.
Inside-Out June 02, 2011 at 06:15 PM
Come to think of it, nobody rode that trolley either.
Rio June 02, 2011 at 09:58 PM
Hey Inside-Out, I would love to ride a trolley. I've never ridden one in my entire life. That, will most definitely go on the bucket list. Back to the article, I noticed that in the above article, there were only two sentences regarding the CCT system, but yet this entire comment thread only focuses on that. Too bad. Road improvements were approved, as well as the design/build contract for the new Austell Senior Center. Both, in my opinion, are good things. In a world of high crime & high unemployment sometimes it's hard to stay positive. I do hope we can all see the good that is taking place at our council meetings as well as the small items that we may disagree with.


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