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Running for Office? Blog on Patch!

You can announce your candidacy, promote your upcoming appearances or fundraisers, present your platform and more on Marietta Patch. Here’s how.

Election 2013. Credit: Patch.com.
Election 2013. Credit: Patch.com.

by Jon Gargis

We know there are some folks out there looking to serve their communities in the form of elected office. If you’re one of those that will soon be running for office, we invite you to blog on Marietta Patch.

With our blogging platform, potential candidates for office can:
  • Announce their candidacy
  • Promote their upcoming appearances and fundraisers
  • Present their platform, or discuss the issues facing their community
  • Call out to volunteers

We invite any and all municipal candidates, as well as those seeking higher offices in the future, to blog on Marietta Patch.

If you’ve never blogged with us before, here’s how to start your very own Patch blog:

  • Choose a Patch to host your blog (Example:Marietta Patch)Go to that Patch’s homepage. 
  • On the Patch homepage, scroll down below the stories and above the events. There’s a green box (“Who’s Blogging?”) highlighting our wonderful bloggers and a brighter green button that says “Start Blogging!” Click that bright green button to start a blog.
  • Next you’ll name your blog, write a description and choose an icon. These will be displayed on all of your blog posts, so choose a name and description that describes what your blog will be about.
  • Your blog is created! Follow the rest of the steps to post.

If you blogged on Patch before June 2013 or created a blog on Patch after June 2013, you can post on Patch without creating a new blog. Here’s how:

  • In the top right corner, click the button that says “Hi, Your Name!” (You must be signed in to see this.)
  • When the drop-down menu opens, click “Your Profile.”
  • On your profile is a list of blogs you have access to. Choose which one you want to post on and click on it.
  • Below the name and description of your blog, there’s a white box that says “Write a new post…” Click there.
  • Above your cursor, there are two words: Note and Article. Choose article for more formatting options.
  • Write! Don’t forget to add a photo
  • Hit “Post Now.”
  • You’re live on the site! 

Need to know more about blogging? Send me an email at jon.gargis@patch.com.

Jessie Gable contributed to this article.


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