SFS Officer's Wife Named Spouse of the Year

Carissa Mayes was selected by a panel for the award for her commitment to the Dobbins Air Reserve Base community.

by Senior Airman Elizabeth Gaston, 94th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

The wife of an operations officer with the 94th Security Forces Squadron was named the 2012 Spouse of the Year at the annual Wing Family Day at .

Carissa Mayes, the wife of Capt. Robert Mayes, 94th SFS operations officer, was chosen by a panel of judges for her outstanding commitment to the Dobbins Air Reserve Base community. 

"Carissa is a phenomenal giver," said Angela Pederson, Airman and Family Readiness Office director. "She just gives of her time to whoever needs it. She comes out to the base and volunteers within their squadron." 

Mayes has also volunteered regularly with the base's Airman & Family Readiness Office, and is active within her children's' school, according to Pederson.

After rounding up the crowd at Family Day, Col. Timothy E. Tarchick, 94th Airlift Wing commander, presented the award to her and her family. 

The Spouse of the Year award was created seven years ago to recognize spouses for their hard work, which could include handling the "home fires" that crop up to extraordinary volunteerism out in the community.

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sera August 22, 2012 at 01:50 AM
Unbelievable, the Air Force has kept Mr. Mayes at the rank of captain. This man failed to up-channel the compromise of radio communication for a week and for that reason the enemy was able to listen for an entire week. Wait, there is more, he also failed to stop an Iraqi combat patrol that penetrated the base's defense in Iraq and allowing them to roam for thirty minutes before they were found and escorted off base. This could have been a catastrophic event if the Iraqi Combat Patrol would have attacked... Wait there's more, if he wasn't too busy cheating on his wife he would of probably prevented the Iraqis from penetrating the base defense. I just hope he is kept stateside if not this idiot is going to get someone killed, he is smart but NO common sense, unable to keep a base secured.
sera November 16, 2012 at 01:26 AM
Higher Law Enforcement agencies should look into Captain Maye's personal laptop. When he showed me his naked pics of the Army Captain female on his laptop and video I noticed he had classified information on his personal laptop. I reported all this to the IG and for some reason he is still being protected. He should be investigated to the fullest.
sera November 16, 2012 at 08:23 PM
Mr. Mayes used to work for the 610th SFS and was involved in the parties within instructors and the school house he was in charge in Fort Worth, Texas. The so called captain had a couple of rapes in which occurred during his time there. How does someone like him be allowed to continue his service in the military? Nothing was ever done to the cadre/instructors involved other than fired from their position but kept instructing.
sera January 14, 2013 at 12:48 AM
Robert, because he don't deserve to be called Captain, enjoyed the female captain in Kirkuk in 2008. They both were extremely in love as they would meet each other every night for dinner and not to mention the night he got lucky, the night, while I was on QRF busted his naughtiness. He might have enjoyed himself in Kirkuk but I can guarantee you that he enjoyed the video of the ARMY naked officer he had on his laptop more than anything else. I still don't understand how he would not be punished over the mishap that happened on his watch. I am glad he got relocated and taken off from the 610th SFS. Col Lutz covered his pitty negative actions because she wanted to look good even though the she broke down crying everytime she turned in her weapon in Kirkuk and I also know that sooner or later they get caught...
Someone who cares May 21, 2013 at 03:16 PM
So that the people are aware of Robert Mayes. Robert Mayes was stationed in kirkuk, Iraq in 2007/08, this man did not report a compromised communication in Iraq. The enemy listened to the net for more than two weeks and failed to up-channel this to higher. Robert also failed to report an Iraqi convoy that penetrated the base in Kirkuk, Iraq and failed to report such incident. Not only that, he was also caught by the QRF team performing sexual acts with a female Captain from Alpha sector. Back in the States while stationed in Fort Worth, Texas Mr. Mayes allowed instructors to drink with students and he also joined in such incidents in which rapes occurred under his watch and everything was hidden from other higher commands by then Lt. Col Lutz.. Mr. Mayes has acted as such and has disgraced the Air Force and still this man has gained through the ranks even after several Airmen reported him to Congress. This shows you how much our government cares for the people.... The 94th Security Force Squadron should be ashamed for giving this man the opportunity to promote even though the Squadron knows of his doings. This Squadron is a disgrace to the community and to the Air Force.


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