Marietta Average SAT Scores Outpace State

Marietta High School students' average SAT scores were above the Georgia average and below the national average.

Marietta High School (MHS) students' total combined average scores on the 2012 Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) outpaced the Georgia total (1452) in Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing by seven points at 1459 (down 23 points from 2011).

Compared to the national total (1498), MHS scores were down by 39 points. The national average decreased by two points from 2011. MHS results reflect the performance of 246 seniors tested.

“Of the three subject scores in reading, writing, and mathematics, MHS students scored their highest score in mathematics. Our White students outscored their national peers by 58 points (1636 to 1578), and our African-American students outscored their national counterparts by 75 points (1348 to 1273),” said Dr. Emily Lembeck, Marietta City Schools Superintendent. “As we continue to narrow the performance gap between these students groups, our overall scores should also improve.”

“While there are factors that may have caused a decline in our scores, we certainly need to improve our performance next year,” Lembeck said. “Our average SAT score indicates that we did exceed the state in two of three critical test areas, notably mathematics and writing.”


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