Safe, Sober Prom Season

Marietta High School will host their prom on April 14, and Osborne High School will hold their prom on April 20 at the Turner Field 755 Club.

Prom season is upon us—a time of celebration for teenagers and their families.

Many proms and parties are scheduled throughout March, April and May. will host their prom on April 14, and will hold their prom on April 20 at the Turner Field 755 Club.

But while prom is a time of celebration, it is also a time of increased underage drinking.

The and its partners—law enforcement agencies, schools and community leadership—throughout the county are trying to get the word out. Don't drink and drive prom night.

Underage drinking is a factor in the three leading causes of death for youth, also contributing to assaults, date rape, sexually transmitted diseases, unintended pregnancies, alcohol poisonings and crimes.

According to the 2010 GA Student Health Survey results for 12th graders, 30 percent reported alcohol use in the past 30 days; 76 percent reported alcohol is easy to get; 70 percent reported drinking on weekends; and 61 percent reported using alcohol at a friend’s house.

Some high school students, and parents for that matter, believe that it is okay to drink and party in a limousine or party bus because the teens aren’t driving.

But this is not only unsafe, it is illegal. If you are hosting a pre/post prom party, knowing your legal liability is important.

Cobb residents can do their part. People are encouraged to call 911 or their local police precinct to report underage drinking incidents, and to call 770-499-4719 to report illegal sales of alcohol to a minor.

Reports can be anonymous and just might save a life.

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