Walker Senior Scores Perfect '36' on ACT

Grant Deedy achieved the rare perfect score on the college entrance examination he took on Sept. 11, 2010.

Name: Grant Deedy

Age: 17

School: The Walker School

Accomplishment: Nabbing that perfect score on a college entrance examination is a rarity, but Grant Deedy, a senior at The Walker School, scored a perfect composite "36" when he took the ACT on Sept. 11, 2010.

Grant admits that he actually missed a single mathematics question but because the testing company rounds the scores from four different sections-math, English, reading and science-his composite score registered as a 36.

"I still wonder what the one question was," he said.

In addition to his academic achievements, Grant plays center for Walker's varsity basketball game and competes on the school's track-and-field team. This weekend, the Walker boys team competes in the regional 1A tournament where they have already qualified for the state tournament.

This weekend, Grant may be focused on basketball, but he has his goals set high academically. He has narrowed his collegiate choices to Yale, Georgetown, Vanderbilt, Washington University, Clemson and Furman. As for a major, he wavers among economics, business and medical sciences.

"Maybe I can find something that combines them all," he said.


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