28 Inducted into Athletic Hall of Fame

Friends and family gathered at Marietta High School Friday to induct a former wrestling coach, six MHS athletes and the 2000 boys track team into the Marietta Athletic Hall of Fame.

One coach, six athletes and one team were inducted into the Marietta Athletic Hall of Fame Friday at the eighth annual induction luncheon at .

Hall of Fame inductions included:

  • Coach Jeff Wheeler (1985-2009);
  • Tricia Eble Agee (MHS Class of 2001);
  • Brett and Alan Downey (MHS Class of 1981, 1980);
  • Stephanie Grogan (MHS Class of 1978);
  • Ralph Hudgins (MHS Class of 1968); and
  • Eddie Keith (MHS Class of 1967).

The 2000 MHS boys track team was also inducted into the Hall of Fame. Members include:

  • Larue Beck;
  • Deonte Cook;
  • Jonathan Fortenberry;
  • Matthew Head;
  • Darian Moorman;
  • Tristan Thomas;
  • Adrian Wright;
  • Johnny Brooks;
  • Tim Dancer;
  • Charles Galbreath;
  • Terrance Huey;
  • Zach Pfieffer;
  • Derrick Tinsley;
  • Adrian Benton;
  • Michael Dodd;
  • Eric Gonzenbach;
  • Mohamed Kantech;
  • David Swift;
  • Tim Turner;
  • Head coach Roscoe Googe; and
  • Assistant coach James "Friday" Richards.


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