Anne Keeton
A proud Peachtree Corners resident and owner of Grief to Relief, I am Anne Keeton, a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® and Life Coach.  I teach people from all walks of life how to recover from grief and loss so they can feel better now!
Although grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss, most of what we learned about is grief is not normal, natural, healthy or even helpful! My hope and mission in this blog is to share accurate and much-needed information on grief so that you know you are not alone, and you need not feel helpless or hopeless. No stranger to grief myself, I lost my best friend to cancer, my job and my beloved dog within eight short weeks.  I know firsthand the feelings of hurt, angst, desperation and longing. But in my recovery journey, I have also experienced joy, happiness, relief and other feelings that had seemed unattainable. I hope together we can create a safe and honest "patch" for sharing our experiences, thoughts, concerns and questions so that we can feel better now as individuals and as a community! For additional information, please also feel free to contact me anne@grieftorelief.com anytime!   A significant emotional loss of any kind - death, divorce, retirement, loss of personal health, financial security or any other serious loss - triggers a normal and natural reaction of grief.  No matter how serious your loss or impending loss, you need not feel hopeless, isolated or afraid that nothing can be done to easer your pain. Grief to Relief now offers the Grief Recovery Method Outreach Program® in individual and group formats.  Neither a support group or drop-in program, Grief Recovery is experiential, action-based program that moves people beyond their loss. People tell you to “let go” and “move on,” but they don’t tell you how. If you are ready to learn, please contact me at anne@grieftorelief.com.   For over thirty years, the proven Grief Recovery Method® has helped over a million people worldwide. It can help you too! www.grieftorelief.com, 678-653-5513, anne@grieftorelief.com      
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