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Self contained person who knows the value and the price of most things
I am a professional Speaker, Author, & Facilitator.  I  am multi-dimensional and address topics from Life, Business, and the Bible.  In the past, my work background includes, Field Sales & Field Sales Management, Customer Education, High School Teacher, Professional Secretary, and Retail Store General Manager.  All has served to give me a broad-based background and a healthy approach to life.  You will find my blogs to be insightful and informative.  I love reading books, people, and mostly the changing world.  For more on me, feel free to Google me, view my work on YouTube, or just go to IvoryDorsey.com.  I live an authentic life and my strongest belief is that we are all suspended in ambiguity.  In reality, we all all living between "No Longer" & "Not Yet."
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