Mel Tavares
freelance writer (internet content) and published book author. In my free time-I edit for other people.
I have a diverse background of experiences along the journey of life, that leads me to where I am today.
I find myself the owner of my original degree in Horticulture, and other subsequently collected wall hangings bragging of Horticultural Therapy, American Sign Language, Mental Health Counseling and a plethora of other topics that serve as reminders of long days in conference centers. I was born and raised in rural Maine, went to college in Maine, and then raised my own kids in my hometown until recently.  After 15 years in Rehab and Education, I transitioned to a career in  journalism, which allowed me the flexibility needed, while raising and homeschooling the kids. (Schools in my area of rural Maine were below the substandard level-I came into homeschooling kicking and screaming with little alternative!) In addition to working for a hometown community paper, I have also written over 10,000 articles for web sites. My favorite New England vacation destination has always been the great state of Connecticut, and was thrilled when I met my husband and took up permanent residency here! I now live in Middletown with my amazing husband, whom I married in 2008! Joe and I have 7 kids and 4 grands between us-and another due in a few mos.! We are still actively parenting one high school age son-the rest are college and career age! Patch? Oh, I LOVE Patch! I have worn a variety of hats, here at Patch! I have done listings, written some feature articles, and worked as the Middlesex Calendar Editor until that position was phased out. I love the concept of Patch, love seeing the communities networking and being knit together... My new blog is entitled Been There, Done That, and covers a variety of topics common to many.
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